Wednesday, July 16, 2014

a better perspective

ohh happy to be back, no pressure! happy  to be just sitting right now while listening to music and had the time to write a blog entry before my school schedules might become full because of Clinical Residency this sem.

oh yes..3 more semesters to go!!=)
This July, marks a memorable event. Being closer to God and having that sense of peace and faith makes life bearable each day. #excited for July 27, 2014 =)

We should always be appreciative of most things around us, if not all, then we should focus our energy to better things rather than to complain and hold grudges inside us. Living life is a matter of a proper perspective and looking forward to our goals and aspirations..

At FEU, in my psycho-philosophical foundations of education subject, i really appreciate how my classmates who happen to be teachers from different schools, explain and report their topics every class. They manage to keep the class participate actively. Parang naisip ko ang boring pala pag nurses ang nagrereport..hahaha!=) now i know their was my dream to become a teacher when i was still a kid..(^^,) i would like to share our lessons about philosophy..

Epicureanism- living a simple life
Stoicism- choosing to be happy; being adaptive to situations
Skepticism- being curious and always seeking for evidences

We were asked by our instructor on what philosophy will we choose/believe- I chose Stoicism, my explanation was its about being emotionally mature and being a good leader. its about seeing the positive side of things and giving encouragement to others. It is not about being nonreactive to situation but rather it is acting appropriately.. you dear reader, what will you choose?=)

spread smiles!!=)