Friday, December 11, 2009

why do potato chips curl?=)

i read the answer from reader's digest..=)

potatoes are composed mostly of starch and cutting the potatoes in thin slices before frying them, makes the outer portion which has the less starch(less solid part) curl, because the moisture in the outer portion evaporates when frying them in oil..=)

enjoy eating potato chips!=)

Monday, December 7, 2009

a prayer for a friend

i was about to make this blog right after i heard the bad news last saturday.. but i have to do other things during the weekend and cannot take a visit to the shop.

i the past weeks, i enjoyed watching the movie "and i love you so" (bea, derek, sam).. Derek died because of aneurysm, and bea was left to face everything.. the lines of the movie came to me in an instant when i heard the news that the mother of my seatmate,(when i was still taking biology at SLU) died because of aneurysm too.

i felt sad that i heard the what happened after one week. my classmate already decided to transfer at dagupan where he and his dad and siblings can share the tragic just reminded me of the times na nakakasalubong ko sila sa SM, papasok sa school..i felt sad bec. he is the first child in the family and i cant imagine how hard it would cause him to lose his mother in just a snap. his dad is a doctor and that made me "pray" at that very moment when i was hearing the sad story, because even a doctor cant tell when could you possibly die.

in the midst of the celebration at melvin jones, i was hoping i would see him..and say my deepest sympathies..but i wasnt able to see him around..

during the night, i prayed and whispered this prayer:

"Lord, please send him your strongest angel,
so that when he feels so weak,
there will be an angel to pull him up..
make him feel ok.."

and a tear fell from my eye..
it really struck me and just left me looking back on the times when my biology classmates surprised me during my 18th birthday..jen and stephen rendered a song..

i keep on telling myself that God has a purpose on letting things happen,it may be hard at first,but heaven is definitely a better place than earth....