Saturday, July 30, 2011


this month was a roller coaster ride!!
at many times, i felt surrendering but having the doctrines guided me.

it was not yes for the hospital training at v.luna this time, i felt bad for that.
i see a greater challenge i learning to like what you do everyday, not because you like it but learning to like it everyday.

i remember one of my reviewer sharing a story of a heavy thing behind her back, when her husband was diagnosed of meningitis, and their little daughter cant go near her dad. i always say that i can handle obstacles that are happening, but at first i cant help but to question life why sometimes its so unfair, you did all the things beyond limitations and still, some things go wrong.

here i am, listening to music, because a song is a way to express what you feel when you run out of words to say.

to end this blog and this month, eto lang masasabi ko.. yun lang ba?kaya yan chugz!haha we are engineered for success, let's take note of that. we have a loving father, who would not let us down, never..=)

Friday, July 1, 2011

truly july

it seems that time flew so fast...july na!!!
nice to be back sitting and thinking what to write..

=) smiles...haha
its nice to have an inspiration or a friend that at the very moment you thought about him or her the sweet smiles just comes with it..=) =) that even the day is full uncertainties, you have something to smile about.

anyway.. i hope this month will reveal to me the word yes..(please..) for the second time, i hope i made it...

jiggy cruz' blogs were amazing...i love their love story...super like! Misha was his first love and it came to so nice.

im a liltle sad my ideas also flew away haha ang dami ko pa naman gusto isulat sa blog ko..hmm basta masaya ako..=) hahaha

its saturday tomorrow folks enjoy the weekend..slow down a bit, appreciate every second of your life..=) enjoy life..=)