Friday, November 19, 2010

song review:half of my heart..=)

hi heart of mine! haha

i was about to make a blog about a song entitled "half of my heart" by john mayer..
during the past days,i enjoyed listening to this song because of its melody and relaxes me just like the song of michael buble.."i haven't met you yet"..=)

i think john mayer was left by his bride haha..but i think john did something that's why the girl left her..anyway what i like in this song is that at the end, he still listened to the "half" of his heart that tells he still loves the girl..=) buti nalang!!hahaha


ang tagal ko na di nakakagawa ng blogs..=(
pero ang saya ko this past was like a riding roller coaster..with a friend to share the excitements!!!haha a little busy, travellling around the metro..exploring the hospitals!grabe..
di ko din inaakala na nalilibot ko ang manila..hahaha
hopefully makabisado ko din..=)