Friday, May 20, 2011

the old man at the 8th floor

this blog is about an acquaintance, an old man ive met at the 8th floor of our building.
He is atty. Elamparo, a company lawyer, a stock holder, an old man. just a while ago, me and my officemate gen, were about to ride the elevator when we saw him. This is man is near his 70s but i tell you he is intelligent..

ive met him because i have to ask him to notarized the contracts of Medocare.. Everytime i go near his cubicle, i first make sure he is not busy.. at times, if i forget to go up and get the notarized copy, he would go down and give me the documents.. he walks slow and talks slow..he is already old but i admire his intelligence and where he is right now.

at the elevator, i asked him where he graduated and what pre-law course he took. i told him that i have a friend who also wants to be a lawyer and graduated with flying colors (super colorful at that...) during college at DLSU. he said UP is the best law school...(he graduated from there...hehehe)

id like to share this instance because i realized that we can be contented if we like to be. just like him, not outside the Philippines, not earning green bucks but contented in where he is right now..
also, i remembered the ideas from the novels that i read, authored by John Grisham.. the court trials, the interrogations done to a suspect and to a victim,. things like that.. but i think, its not in my personality to become a lawyer...haha im amazed how things go during a court trial (from the novel)..

the next time i will meet atty. Elamparo, i would tell him about the novels i read.. its like sharing thoughts to someone who knows more things than you but would still smile after listening to those little ideas..=) saying at the back of his mind, this young lady has a long way to go,malayo pa ang lalakbayin nito...hahaha yah i see a long way ahead of me, but take note, i see the sun over the horizon..and that makes a difference!=)