Friday, July 8, 2016

the sun, wind and sand =) Calaguas Cebu Palawan escape ;)

and im on it =)

haha..where have you been lately reader? as for me, oh well..been busy but my travels and adventures will not be complete without a blog entry!

let's get started..=)

Last April, i wasnt really going to join our Calaguas trip.. but sometimes you have to say yes to that travel escape..

Oh Calaguas..such a caption needed

We started the trip from philcoa that evening with my make up on after my pictorial that night for my graduation haha =)sorry for being late haha
That morning, we just woke up and we were already in Daet Camarines Norte.. we headed up to Vinzon's port to ride a banca for like 2-3 hours and what we saw after that water travel was way beyond my expectation.. super clear and clean shoreline. fine sand and that vibe that is welcoming us from that looooong travel.. really, the travel was worth it.. one thing i cant forget in Calaguas, is when we looked for a mat and just slept under the tree because it was so hot that time, we cant stay inside the tent. so what we did was to sleep on a mat under the tree and just enjoy the sun and the wind and the sand haha..

oh before that Calaguas trip,was the Tagaytay birthday of mam isan! haha its so nice to spend time with your friends, Bulalo in Tagaytay still the best =)

and then.....
Helloooo Visayas!!! team sulit conquers Cebu...
i think this is the most awaited travel of our group..or am i wrong because its just July???haha and there are still months in 2016 where we could go to places we listed in our bucket lists..haha

Thanks to travelbee and travelpod, to kuya Efren? kuya ronel and his technique to get clear pictures with the gopro hahaha
1st day: Canyooneering! where did i get my guts to do this kind of thing?! but no regrets..conquered!
walang tatalo kay james lucas...haha oh yes thanks to Canyoneering, all is well bati na sila haha
"its better to try and fall than never try it at all" haha

2nd day: Oslob whale watching and Sumilong sand bar
magnificent of a kind experience with the fish giants haha

3rd day: Sky walk and Danggit buying
woah... fear of heights conquered talaga haha! the dinner buffet was a blast =) so nice
Danggit buying panalo true mark of Cebuanos..Daghang Salamat Cebu!

My Graduation...actually, i was not really so excited about my graduation, but at some point, when i remembered all the challenges i overcame, on top of that is my parents support to me while doing my assignments until 3 am then i still have tupad at 4am.. that thing was because of God's love. #feuMANgraduate

then i bought my own keyboard na =)

i came to Palawan not for travel but for work. but during my travel to palawan, i learned a word-- Bleisure- business and leisure..oh life, is about making the most out of it ;p

Puerto Princesa Underground river, mangroves, forests and plants.. such a nice place to relax and the healthy food is great =)

El Nido..yessss ive been to El Nido haha.. Kayaking check! snorkling check.. but i miss my team sulit =( small lagoon and big lagoon and secret lagoon =)

Honda Bay..great escape with GAD VAWC advocates mam isan and sir rawie haha
PAL experience..galing i was craving for tea and banana cake then suddenly yun ang snack yey!!

lessons in my little travels..
enjoy the moment
do your work first if you have work haha
dont forget pagsamba- feeling of being guided in your travels is just unexplainable
call someone you can share the memories with..=)
eat their food, be nice to people, take pictures
lastly..share smiles and positivity

really, life is meant to be traveled..

hi Bora in a while ;)
my dream Batanes...when can is see you? =)