Saturday, August 3, 2013

the Espana River Experience

this day,i experienced one thing i really couldn't imagine i did..haha
and it would not be possible without my super classmate and workmate..

                                           (a picture of Morayta- Espana River as per JABR)

Joseph Alvin B. Repotente aka JABR..hehe =)

it was a super rainy Saturday and we are having our Pathophysiology class at the 7th floor of Nursing bldg. Sir Philip announced that classes were already suspended because of the heavy rains and flooding in the area.. After eating, we decided to go home and go to the lrt station because the vehicles are stucked and not moving in front of Morayta. The story didn't end there,but that's where it started -when we saw the super long lines bound to the ticket windows.. we went down and walk, walk, and walk. My feet was wet and dirty, but, during the first time that i have to put down my feet to the ankle-deep dirty water, i could just see myself how long i stared before getting my feet soaked!

Unluckily, we went back to Morayta and  the scenario about the stuck vehicles just got worse. I really cant imagine until this evening how i surpassed walking Morayta-Espana reaching Welcome Rotonda just to ride a bus..OMG! we did that by walking in the center island of that Avenue..there were waves!!!haha we were soaking wet and the most horrifying part of walking in that elevated center pavement is when we have to come down at the intersections and cross the flooded roadssss carefully not to step on any manholes...  (>_<)

Its hard to study here in Manila if several days you have to conquer such scenarios..even if you have car or the money to spend for your fare, if similar things like that happen, you have to find ways to get home safely and the company of a friend will make it easier?haha
however, its really one of a kind experience..
and the biggest lesson for today:

Money is nothing, a genuine friend is a treasure.;p

Question to myself: if that same scenario will happen (i hope it wont), will i cross the street and walk on the center island again???
Answer: let us see..haha=) TBA- to be announced...

keep safe dear reader!=)