Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thankful no matter what :)

wow! good thing i can also write blog entry through my phone, :)
all i can say right now is thanks be to God :)

this blog entry is so special it will be about the things that made me happy lately :)

The CSC fun run was really fun..sweating out a bit and running made me stronger, exercise and healthy living is really the foremost priority of an individual if he wants to stay fit and enjoy life.
thanks to sir mark barican, for that urban run.. haha in search for an atm in the heart of the metro.. food trip with teamsulit haha! the best XD

goal met..i saw Dave happy. even it was just the day before his birthday.. just let the pictures speak.. :) a picture cake that turned into reality.. thanks dazzle! :) im thankful for the people who can turn your ideas into reality :) the piano cake was so beautiful.. :)

Felix Manalo movie at the Philippine Arena :)
superb experience. amazing. inspiring.
if i will be given the chance to say how i felt after i watched this movie, i would say it in this short concise statement: i am thankful i am member of INC.
truly FYM is a blessing from God. After watching the movie, i can say to myself that if i will encounter struggles and problems in life, i am will be braver because these are incomparable to those things experienced by the brethren from the times that INC was just starting. I am so blessed i got to spend the movie experience with Dave, i couldnt imagine spending it with someone else as appropriate. He is the perfect companion while watching FYM.. :) It was an awesome instance, things just fell into place :) thanks also to my dad :) It was a night to remember :)

Defense day XD
i am expecting for the worse to happen. i am so down and consumed. But looking into the bright side of it, hard is what makes it great. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I am always praying that may God give me intelligence and perseverance as i finish this task. I know in time it will be worth it. I have to learn it the hard way because its not just as easy as like that, and i have to understand all the concepts. Second chances are not always given, i promise not to ruin it.. i am still thankful because of the people around me who turns out to be life's blessings. My family and friends are my inspirations. :) They make the endurance a bit easier..

Life goes on.. success does not come to us, we should find and meet it. :)