Wednesday, August 4, 2010

speaking out!!!

finally!!! whooo!!
i had this moment to burst the many things that is going inside my mind...
sorry, it was a long time since i wrote blog entries..and now...
i just wanted to let things burst out of my mind!!!
i want to listen to rock music..
throw those shoes, pick up those slippers..
wear the most comfortable clothes...!

haha!does that sound so irritating..not really, i just missed writing blogs... this is my time!
the things that i cant say to facebook, ill probably write to my blogsite..and my blog today would be about.....(just read it)..

i spent 3 days volunteering at the senate medical clinic..i take bp of employees, dependents, visitors ,executives,janitors...honestly, im having fun doing it..i keeps me busy and makes me not to "think" about the coming results..the staff are accommodating and most importantly, i learn to mingle and work with people who are superior to me.

just one point, i want to share this insight..
in my 3 days of "working" there, i met people from different walks of life. attorneys,doctors,reporters,janitors,police,nurses,..and many more..

(w8 lang ha im listening to linkin park..papercut-rock music!)sometimes its so tiring to live within the rules...dont bother trying the other side of the world..dont get bounded by boundaries!!!

oh e2 na nga...
just one lng..

your position does not give you the right to judge other cant measure someone on how he dress,speaks,understand... however, look into his pursuit of determination on how he is making a better change in his life. help him to grow up.

it gives me a lil insight why people start from stair no.1 and has to go up..because, first you should learn how to follow before being followed.

another point...
the person that might inspire you may just be the person sitting next to you in a jeepney, a person cleaning the room after work hours..the simple follower, look not into the "power" of someone..i tell you.seriously.

we are respected in our different arenas...we are loved and valued by people who appreciate us. IT TAKES NO MONEY TO APPRECIATE A WORK WELL thank you.

hahaha!that is a real relief! as i said before my blogsite is my sanctuary..haha!what a word! that is why its called heart of mine...ideas from my heart..

til next time..adios!seize the day!-julz