Tuesday, December 27, 2011

waiting on the line

...just as i thought this would be the day i will finally see what my heart is yelling at me, and just when i thought this would be the day i will stop counting the days and start over again, it isnt.
i cannot understand why some things are so sudden or why does things happen, behind the smile is a questioning heart, a doubtful mind..

3 more duty days at IIW, im sad. i hope i can stay where im appreciated, where i know the limits and boundaries, where the smiles and laughter is enough to make me forget things i should forget. where i smile and hope effortlessly..

anyway, let me not ruin the Holidays...=) there is so much more to be thankful for, and so many blessings around. 2011 was a not so good year, i can say hehehe however, im still thankful that right now, i am where i want to be..at DJNRMH, at Isolation ward at that.haha

i met many new friends and kept in touched with the old ones. I am looking forward for a more challenging year, a more responsible me..=)

its always nice to look back and remember how i went through this year, i would not make to see every beautiful day because of God. Thank you heavenly Father for not giving up on me, i am not worthy, i forget you at times but still you make me realize how blessed i am with my family and my friends..

sana maging masaya ang last 3 duty days ko sa IIW..=) thanks to my NODs, my co-volunteers, mam janiz, sir rayner, sir lucky, sir justine, sir ben...see you around po!

still havent met you yet by michael buble..hehe

2012 rock on!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

its a yes, yes na yes!=)

great day! its my 2 days straight off from my duty at Infectious Disease and Isolation Ward, commonly known as (IIW) =).

i would just like to share some insights since this was my first hospital ward since i got the privilege to practice nursing haha.. most of the FIRST things happened at IIW.. suctioning, ngt feeding, immediate iv insertion, q15 minutes vital signs monitoring, changing of oxygen tank (the big and heavy tank!) did CPR for the first time, experienced "losing" a patient for the first time!gosh.. this was really a huge bunch of actual hands-on learning experience.

it was really a challenge for me since IIW is considered as a special area because we have to wear labgowns and N95 mask. Our patients suffer PTB and knowing the basics about the illness is a must! not only the disease process but including the medications, interview guidelines and the SOP that we have to follow and adhere.

the stay and duty at the ward is exceptional. just the right atmosphere for the usual duty day. I mean, with mam ginky around to answer my questions, (thank you so much mam ginky!), pareng eli to help me with iv insertionsss haha , pareng jeawil to keep the duty cool and light...=)
to our NODs, mam emma, mam anna, sir mario, sir albert, sir mark, mam weng..NAs sir sergio and kuya eddie, thank you po!

DJNRMH made me realize what i really want, made me know what i really want. i want to stay..

stay practicing the profession, stay optimistic, stay jolly, to stay and give my best at where i am right now.
im a little sad that there is only 3 duty days left for me this Nov at IIW, it is where i felt the recognition and appreciation of a job well done. seriously, if asked if i would like to be retained in IIW, (and i was asked about it..=) ) its a YES..yes na yes haha

one instance that happened lately and i really will not forget it,..
i was asking for help from mam ginky to update the kardex when suddenly i realized that our NOD was observing us and with a sweet smile he said, "sana hindi mawala yung passion nyo na ganyan"..=)

ill take pics before duty ends at IIW..=) take care reader!=)
December sched go go go na..haha

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

behind the mask

and this is it!
my blog for the past month where i was assigned at the Vital signs station at the OPD of DRJNRMH.

behind the mask is heart that cares,
behind the mask is a hand that helps,
behind the mask is a SMILE.

true enough that nurses and other medical personnel often use mask to protect them and to keep them away from infection. However, behind those blue or green piece of cloth lies an angel on training--nurses..naks haha

i enjoyed my stay at the VS station, we are the ones, "privileged" to refer patients to ER. i enjoyed that! pushing patients on wheelchair on i think 25 meter rough way, may it be a pregnant mother who is experiencing pre-eclampsia, a man who feels dizzy and nauseated, a pediatric patient who has a fever above 39 degrees, or specially, someone who has difficulty breathing. can you picture out what we do everyday? haha thanks to my co- volunteers mai, paulo, amphie.(ate amphie hehe) we worked as a team, and did a great a job, lessened the errors of the previous batch and making change to be passed to the next ones.

this is it, the hospital setting i have been waiting and wanting for, for months. i promise myself to make the most out of it,do the things that has to be done, greet everybody and most of all learn and apply the theories and lectures! syempre, enjoy the duties! woohoo..=)

thanks to sir edwin, sir val, mam candy and to my batchmates at OPD this October..see you around guys!!

i was rotated at Infectious and Isolation Ward this November, next blog coming in...=) keep safe reader!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

westlife for life! =)

2 days, and i cant still get over it..haha
WESTLIFE for life...=)
the concert was awesome,, i really enjoyed watching their performance last Thursday at Smart Araneta Coliseum. it was my first time to watch a concert, first time to ride the MRT, haha first time to feel so contented even if we just occupy a seat from the General Admission group. really!

i was grade 4 when their song, if i let you go was really a hit. my favorite song of Westlife is, when youre looking like that. and guess what! that was the first song that they sang during their concert. followed by my 2nd favorite, World of our own. i love those songs because of the happy theme and lively lyrics. who doesnt want Shane Fillan? haha he loves the crowd!=) that is so nice..

i watched the concert with my highschool classmate, Cherry, her sister and Cherry's officemates. thank you cherry!!=)
it was really worth it, all i can utter at that moment was "wow westlife!"..=) =) =)


my next blog would be about my coming volunteer hospital duty at Dr. Jose Rodriguez Hospital..i just went through the pre-duty but, i tell you i felt fulfilled...puyat pa ako nun pero may naramdaman ako na hinahanap ko sa ginagawa ko..nasabi ko na.."masaya ako"..=)

Godbless folks!! i love Westlife..woohoo!=)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

free tuesday..=)

awww.. just when was the last time i opened my FB and twitter account? oh no i cant even remember...forgive me for that and for not writing here in my blogspot.

so here i am, writing freely the things that crossed or entered my mind, haha
i just read the blog of Jiggy Cruz and just like before, i am astonished on his ideas not to set aside the grammar of course..(smiles..)

way back in Baguio, i write blogs to destress myself and share those tiny inspirations that i find justifiable, i guess.. i mean, its not everyday that i have time and the mood to write entries, but once i click that "new post" icon, the ideas just come in.=)

a while ago, i am thinking of what will be the title of this blog, i thought of "turning point" or "shifting gears".. the first one may mean, for me..that there comes a point in our lives that we arrive in an instance where we have to take decisions or steps in order to continue something/s in our life, we may find ourselves not ready at that instance but we have to take the risk for us to feel the rush or the true meaning of life. the latter means ( shifting gears - an inspirational text i received from my college friend that goes like this.. occasionally, God wants us to 'stay parked' for a while. waiting is not always easy, but sometimes God wants us to stay right where He put us. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart psalms 27:14 keep your heart open to God's leading, then you'll be ready to shift gears when you hear God say, let's go this way...=) ) inspiring right?

waiting is hard, but just like hoping, hoping means still believing when everything else is hopeless..=) -a signage i read at the walls of Baguio cathedral which i can't forget.=)


i was reading the Sunday edition of Phil Daily Inquirer, (im not done reading the whole newspaper..=( the articles makes sense, its either PDI or Manila Bulletin, completing the usual Sunday Routine..=)

great night everyone, til next time!=)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


this month was a roller coaster ride!!
at many times, i felt surrendering but having the doctrines guided me.

it was not yes for the hospital training at v.luna this time, i felt bad for that.
i see a greater challenge i learning to like what you do everyday, not because you like it but learning to like it everyday.

i remember one of my reviewer sharing a story of a heavy thing behind her back, when her husband was diagnosed of meningitis, and their little daughter cant go near her dad. i always say that i can handle obstacles that are happening, but at first i cant help but to question life why sometimes its so unfair, you did all the things beyond limitations and still, some things go wrong.

here i am, listening to music, because a song is a way to express what you feel when you run out of words to say.

to end this blog and this month, eto lang masasabi ko.. yun lang ba?kaya yan chugz!haha we are engineered for success, let's take note of that. we have a loving father, who would not let us down, never..=)

Friday, July 1, 2011

truly july

it seems that time flew so fast...july na!!!
nice to be back sitting and thinking what to write..

=) smiles...haha
its nice to have an inspiration or a friend that at the very moment you thought about him or her the sweet smiles just comes with it..=) =) that even the day is full uncertainties, you have something to smile about.

anyway.. i hope this month will reveal to me the word yes..(please..) for the second time, i hope i made it...

jiggy cruz' blogs were amazing...i love their love story...super like! Misha was his first love and it came to reality..wow so nice.

im a liltle sad my ideas also flew away haha ang dami ko pa naman gusto isulat sa blog ko..hmm basta masaya ako..=) hahaha

its saturday tomorrow folks enjoy the weekend..slow down a bit, appreciate every second of your life..=) enjoy life..=)

Friday, May 20, 2011

the old man at the 8th floor

this blog is about an acquaintance, an old man ive met at the 8th floor of our building.
He is atty. Elamparo, a company lawyer, a stock holder, an old man. just a while ago, me and my officemate gen, were about to ride the elevator when we saw him. This is man is near his 70s but i tell you he is intelligent..

ive met him because i have to ask him to notarized the contracts of Medocare.. Everytime i go near his cubicle, i first make sure he is not busy.. at times, if i forget to go up and get the notarized copy, he would go down and give me the documents.. he walks slow and talks slow..he is already old but i admire his intelligence and where he is right now.

at the elevator, i asked him where he graduated and what pre-law course he took. i told him that i have a friend who also wants to be a lawyer and graduated with flying colors (super colorful at that...) during college at DLSU. he said UP is the best law school...(he graduated from there...hehehe)

id like to share this instance because i realized that we can be contented if we like to be. just like him, not outside the Philippines, not earning green bucks but contented in where he is right now..
also, i remembered the ideas from the novels that i read, authored by John Grisham.. the court trials, the interrogations done to a suspect and to a victim,. things like that.. but i think, its not in my personality to become a lawyer...haha im amazed how things go during a court trial (from the novel)..

the next time i will meet atty. Elamparo, i would tell him about the novels i read.. its like sharing thoughts to someone who knows more things than you but would still smile after listening to those little ideas..=) saying at the back of his mind, this young lady has a long way to go,malayo pa ang lalakbayin nito...hahaha yah i see a long way ahead of me, but take note, i see the sun over the horizon..and that makes a difference!=)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a blog for a friend...=)

my first entry this april...=)

i dedicate this blog to jovi, my classmate, groupmate, kasabay ko umuwi nung college..haha
i was overwhelmed to know that jovi/jevi(haha) reads and can according to her, she can relate to my "insights" sometimes..hehe jevi, i think the reason that you can relate is because we had so much memories together during our college days... but anyway, im happy you can pick up some uplifting thoughts in my blogsite..=)

i was so happy during the past days because i was able to see my college friends and spend dinner with them (julius--ka birthday ko, haha c mj, nakakatuwa ang kwento mo,c bernard--super thank you for the ride) sa uulitin...=)

having good friends around makes life enjoyable...i mean, not to put aside our family, but having companions along the way makes the travel so amazing...

take this advice from me..folks, if you are feeling sad during low moments in your life talk to a friend..i assure you youll feel better..=)

coz there are some things that our parents or siblings wont easily "get" hehe sorry for the term
but our friends, will make us feel "belonged" even your far from or doesnt have time to spend together, keep the connection..i tell you its worth it.


i just enjoy the days without work, haha when i can sleep in a breezy afternoon, enjoy the sound of chirping birds, feel the warmth of the sun... beautiful sunshine...=)

enjoy listening to songs, sing, dance into the tune..for life is easier, if we are just more resilient to its bumps and stops..=)

stop worrying, it doesnt make sense..it will not..ever..=)

lets have a blast! relax this lenten week, pray...stay safe everyone..=)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

smiling makes a lot of difference..=)


i have met a friend during my duty at martinez hospital for the completion of the ivt cases, and again proved myself that having a happy perspective in life changes many things...

first and foremost..
you'll look younger..=) hahaha no joke..
one ordinary topic will make the whole group laugh!! i had good time chatting with my new friends in the profession..colleagues at that..=)
no lonely minute when youre with happy group of people..imagine 8 hours of duty inside the "isolation room"(literally) waiting for cases? hehe

also, having a change of atmosphere or environment is good so that you'll have a chance to also see things in a different view, or reason out why something is like this or like that,.

til next time...=)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

usual Sunday...=)

the usual Sunday...

manila bulletin on hand, watching a movie with my siblings, relaxing and taking things in a bit slow-mode..that is my usual Sunday..

i was reading my past blogs and i cant help but to say to myself, am i so optimistic just like what im writing in my entries??ang optimistic ko pala..

i think i am saying these words, or im questioning myself right now, for the reason that.. this is reality...that i have to make decisions on my own, do what should be done and realize that the past had its time, and the things that will do today makes an effect on what's going to happen tomorrow.

i feel that things are going faster, that nothing is permanent and all we just have to enjoy and cherish every moment where we are right now.
the movie "tangled" was so great! i watched it with my tita and cousin..thanks for the libre!=)

in the office, i am still learning a lot of things.. specially dealing with individuals with different attributes. i feel troubled with the question, will i continue working, or continue with the actions in having a hospital experience.. i still like to continue nursing..i love to.. but the "palakasan" system in hospitals for the volunteer experience is heating my nerves..haha

unang tanong palang sa akin, sino ang nag refer sayo dito? sinong kakilala mo?
hahhhhhhhh?? may ganun??... maybe that is another thing out of my comfort zone. sorry.
my dad is right..iwasan gumamit ng recommendation whatever... life is unfair huh?
tsk tsk.. sana wag naman.. maybe life is tricky sometimes..

i look forward to the day i can see another white sand beach..run and chase the waves, feel the warm air and spend time with my family and friends...=)

let us not ruin summer... i realize at this moment how optimistic i am during the past months or years and i shouldnt let that attitude fade... oh last, the testimonial dinner was amazing..=)

cheers to grads this year..
i hope to write and read another john grisham novel..

now i will say:
to myself and my reader, keep the optimism glowing..be nice, stay cheerful, stay low, pray and enjoy!
-julz =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

sad irony..

how do you understand the word no?
just when i am ready to hear the word yes, i was slapped with a no.
give me the chance to say what i really feel right now. just when i thought the thing i really wanted where i poured my full effort into would be given to me, it was revealed to me the other way around.

the v.luna training will not materialize at this moment.
it was my fault. circumstances would not permit it. i am 5 days late from the didactics.
what makes it hard for me, is that i have already set my mind that i will be there for 7 months, the family is just so happy about it, i already had the permission from work.

and now, unexpectedly, i saw myself standing in front of the coffin of angie reyes..praying that he rests in peace, i thanked him for what he did for our country. i want to be as successful as he was. as strong, as intelligent, a man with integrity, with a real heart for his family.

i need some time to fully accept what happened.. one thing for sure..one thing i tell you, a lesson is learned, that is i think the most important.

i want to change my profile pic to a sad photo but i cant find any, maybe that is again telling me not to be sad. but to listen to what the chief nurse of VLGH said, that there is a reason why i was not able to join the batch 6, and there is a better plan for me..

i saw a note, i wrote last January..it goes "my faith is larger that life's uncertainties.." i hope i can live with that.

til next time..how do you get over a bad day?pray.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

first feb entry..=)

my dear blogsite, how have you been??im so sorry i wasnt able to write blogs and make my promise to update my site often. i know, reality is..im so busy at work. however, for the things that i missed, i gained something the other way..=)

i just read blogs of jiggy cruz and that was just awesome! his ideas were really great plus the grammar you know..haha

the first month of 2011 was a variety of experiences..going out of thr comfort zone and making my way into the bigger, more demanding, more complicated world. i have to travel everyday, i have to cross streets, i have to accomplish tasks given to me, i have to keep that alertness everyday..haha

oftentimes i think that the "pacing" here in Manila is faster than in Baguio or in other places..parang kulang ng isang araw sa mga gagawin..hehe at work, tension is the word..rar

i realized that we should really have time to rest ourselves from the stressors all over the environment. like during Sundays, i stay in the house, find something to read, contemplate on things, laugh with my family, text my friends and just go slow and be lazy..=)

my facebook life..oh no..anyway, it comes with it, hehe

i am looking forward to my residency training at V.luna Hospital, my goodness..the interview was nerve wracking!so how do you define fracture? can you differentiate fracture from dislocation?hahah that was the question after i explained the orthopedic seminar i attented at v.luna..hahaha i felt relief after the interview!

february na...=) wala na yata akong mahihiling pa..=)

til next time heart of mine..=)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcome 2011!=)

wow what a good head start! just like jiggy cruz, i will do my best to update my blogsite..haha i hope i can share more stories this year may it be sad or happy thoughts, or happenings during the everyday routine, things i observe everyday, music that keeps me going, and hopefully, accomplishments to be thankful for...=)

i enjoyed celebrating the holidays with my family..! happiness is really a choice, not an option. although some things made me sad, i kept on refocusing my view so that i can enjoy the holidays!

i was a different feeling as i receive my first salary..haha ang hirap pala kumita ng pera.. we should always spend our money wisely!=)

2010 was a year full of blessings, goal met! RN by 2010! yahooo!!=)
this year, i see myself taking bigger responsibilities, aiming higher, praying harder, appreciating little things around me better,. My family has always been my inspiration, i dedicate all the things that i do for them..

i am still fighting the idea that i feel like ive grown tired of waiting, just because i dont see things going the way i want it to be..often times, i focus on earthly things and at the end of the day, i see myself in the middle of confusion what to prioritize.. ;p

however!!!still...cheers to 2011!! let us stay strong, guided by our Creator, loved by our family and friends..another year to work on! thank you God for giving us many blessings and the chance to do better each day!

2011...let's get it on!!!yeah!!=)