Wednesday, August 27, 2014

i was there =)

this blog entry will be about my experiences in the past month..oh forgive me for late entries..haha, im having a busier schedule. but i really do not want to find excuses at this time because,i believe that if you really want something, there will always be a way to go and get it!=) oh well, all i can say is...i was there..=)

 July 27, 2014--at the Philippine Arena, Bocaue, Bulacan

I was there with my sister and churchmates.. even it was a month ago, i can still clearly picture out the gladness i felt and saw during that event.. There were many vehicles coming from all parts of the country..even visitors abroad to spend that momentous event.. cars, trucks, buses, ambulance, it..smiles and songs of praises made the event more festive and remarkable. It was grandiose and the Philippine Arena was an ambitious project that turned into a reality with God's grace and guidance, it was the perfect venue to house the #centennial celebration--- a once in a lifetime experience.. Worth waiting and worth tiring for.. =)


trademark..haha i was there (again) for the 3rd time..arranging and organizing things for the hospital week celebration..lesson for this year's event..(about the SDO, more foods next year hahaha!) and...a day well spent during the Hospital Olympics..hmmm haha! spend time talking with'll have to know them better that is for sure..;)

#braindead (haha!)

at FEU..oh cramming i really hate the feeling...this semester is really the "heaviest" semester in my masters. Time management is really important and defying procrastination is really a must!!! I was there feeling that same feeling of excitement to have duties at different areas of the hospital, at FEU NRMF at that.. but at this time, we have to learn the art of observation..haha how to turn those theoretical concepts be applied in the clinical setting..Also, being nice to "newbies" is a must in the workplace..=)

"be excited and motivated specially when you dont feel like it"-- it is still a matter of attitude and positivism.. after all, no one except ourselves will choose to see the sunshine behind the dark clouds.. =)