Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you 2015! :)

Just a few hours away we will bid goodbye to 2015.. oh Sepanx! haha
i cant help but to be a little emotional because 2015 has been really a great year! there were so many blessings in life that i received and the best part of it was spending it with the people close to my heart..

this entry would just be a wrap up of 2015 and here it goes:
January was a blessed month- EVM pastoral visit at Mt Heights was just one of a kind experience. He allowed me to be there. promise.
February- a lovely month :) a perfect month haha Vietnam travel haha!
March- April affair haha read my blog entry
May- Viva Vigan adventure :)
June- oh Haler Baler! surfing check!
July- 101 INC anniversary :) #fightForFaith
August- Wakeboarding haha! #onewithEVM
September- happy happy birthday ;p
October- a tough month defense, struggles and tests of faith.. that Philippine Arena experience watching Felix Manalo was amazing! and the rest will be history.. ;)
November- oh who can forget #meantToBeBicol adventure with team sulit :) i so love it :)
December- defense check! goal met.. blessed month for team sulit friends :)

and that's it, my happy 2015.. the year end thanksgiving songs was just appropriate
"Through bitter persecution and adversity,
Never did You leave me in misery.
When I cried for help You answered with miracles.
Because of You, all things are possible."

2015 was a very blessed and beautiful year, though its hard to let it go, i will continue to trust God for His plans and ways are if not better, the best :)

It meant being happy and being strong for people who look up to me and believed in me, this year my heart felt gladness and i am thankful for everything that happened, no regrets. :)
Thank you 2015! tight hug...:) i will always cherish and look back to the good things thank you!!

hello 2016.. #wiser #moreMeaningful #reachingOut #bigtravels2016 #HopingPrayingPatientlyWaiting :) :) #INCforever Glory to God.. salamat po Ama :)