Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the best of 2010..=)

so these are the things to celebrate this 2010:

january- i had my first whitesand experience at poro LU. that was so memorable.
february- my 20th birthday..finally natuloy yung dream birthday with the biology people haha!
march- graduation
april- gapuz madness
may- review review review
june- final coaching
july- board exams!!!
august- senate ojt, result ng boards!!! yesssss! thanks GOd!!!
september- oathtaking, bls, ldp, reunited hehe! with my long lost friend nikko
october- seminars
november- v.luna exam
december- job..toinks!! hahaha

this year was an extra ordinary year..i feel so blessed and im so happy to have so much from what i asked for. there may be loop holes but often do i wake up agin, so what more can i say???

cheers to 2011!!!! welcome new year!!! Godbless us!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

afternoon smile..=)

i thought this was going to be a sad day for me..but thanks to the two women during the phone conversation i had with them..they told me.." ang cute ng name mo ha..pag nag ka-anak ako ipapangalan ko yan" ...hahaha

for a reason it was a relief..i felt sad during the morning, actually also last night because im still figuring out things that is happening around me,i mean new things!! specially at employed..(smile julz)..hehe

honest to troubled and i have to accept it. however, i still believe and trust God that He has a reason why im in this situation. new responsibilities, new atmosphere, new environment, many new things to learn.

but dont worry, give me hmmm...1 week..ok na aq haha!
and that is what i like of being "julea" i managed to keep that attitude of not giving up easily.i hope i can continue with that personality..

hmm another amazing thing that happened today, i was able to call like 20 hospitals in Mindanao area...Kidapawan, Cotabato, Davao, Cagayan de oro, Misamis..hahaha! our countrymen in the southern part of the country are nice and courteous people..that made me think to travel sometime sa mindanao area! natuwa aq sa accent nila and sa mga dialects...=)
see im enjoying the things im doing..i hope i can find joy in everything that i do.

for now, i feel that my family and friends are my happiness.. they are worth living for..and for that worth sacrificing for also..=)

i received so much from what i asked for..thanks God for the blessings!=)

Friday, December 10, 2010

my amnesia girl!cute!

this was the last movie i saw with my was a cute movie because it was light, funny, perfect for our bonding..=) i enjoyed watching with my kind cousin dianne. ka-batch ko cxa and nilibre nya ako..super bait!=)

this movie was far very different from what john llyod did last february..i mean, the movie "miss you like crazy" with bea alonzo..pero like ko yung soundtrack na miss you like crazy!

lesson from the movie?
time heals all wounds?=) probably yes.. and also..
second chances are given to those who deserve dont take the first chance for granted..!haha

freinds..keep smiling!=) keep the faith!