Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: making it happen...=)

Happy new year to all!!!

as i promised that before we turn our calendars or put them away, and welcome 2013.. i would make my last entry for this year..

Here i am, at home from hospital, not from duty but something more than that. my mom is sick but she is recovering right now.. a tough and challenging situation for us, thanks for the prayers..

2012 is all about a year making things happen.. from ER  duty during the early months of this year, to the paperworks being assigned at Nursing Office, to the N1 application and interview,   the ever challenging so worth it Hospital Week, being employed as Contractual Nurse in MNCHN, enrolling my Masters at FEU, all the way to organizing the Graduation and Send off party of RN Heals Batch II...

Godbless us all.. take care and have a good health always...=)

Thank you 2012!!! welcome 2013!=)
bye for now.. gotta go.. keep safe!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

extra challenge:a level app..=)

how's it going??

as for me, i could compare my life in the most recent a smarphone..=)
why? for me, my everyday routine is having a level app..(level up)haha
i missed writing blogs that is why i would tell you my dear reader why and what are the reasons why i said it so.

from the last time i wrote an entry, it was still the hospital week fever that i was telling.. The things that happened after that was about...still Hospital week accounting!=) the keeping and recording of the RIS and the receipts was something that i did not imagine i could do.. because at many times when i was still younger haha.. its not an issue whether i have many coins or paper bills im ok even if i have no money basta i have my baon and my service to pick me up until highschool., and i tend to forget many things about money matters, but during this Hospital Week, we were able to account for the things that has been used and fix, keep and record the receipts for the month-long activity.

the MNCHN thing..=) working as a contractual nurse in the program was really a one step-up from being a volunteer at our hospital, the Shining Tala. i learned the things that should be done especially at the Pedia Clinic,where I was able to see the importance and connection of Maternal and Pediatric Care. Naiiwan na ako mag isa pag Immunization day..=) but, mas madali ang work pag may kasama ka.. And what i like during Wednesdays is that i have a chance to teach other nurse volunteers about vaccines and the EPI program.
Trainings..trainings..strat!! it was my first time to attend such planning and at that day, i found my self having a mind was like a blank cd, i was amazed at how Mam Malou, Sir Sam, Mam Cita and the other staff expressed their thoughts and ideas to come up with an Operational Plan for the MNCHN Program. the second time i attended a similar planning, i came up with little ideas and was able to put some metacards on the wall...=)haha

 (from the Opening Remarks of dean Salustiano last November 17, 2012)

Certified Tamaraw!!=) yes! i am putting into reality my one goal from my 3-year plan project that we did before we graduate..=) I enrolled at the Masters Program of FEU..take note..masters (there's no such word daw as masteral accdg to my prof, Ms. yang)=)=)

i felt really excited to go back to school and to conquer the roads of the Metro..Thanks to my ever helpful workmate,gadget consultant and classmate, Joseph Repontente for without him, i think i was not able to know the important things that i should know..really. baka nawala na ako sa FEU at sa Morayta. Kahit mabilis sya maglakad, or mabagal lang ako..haha the usual week wolud go having duty at the OPD and during Thursday we have our Clinical Teaching class with Dr. Anabelle Borromeo, the Chief Nurse of SLMC. an inspiring class and a motivating teacher.. during Saturdays, MS with mam Yang, and the ever full of question markssss (for me) haha..our research class..seryosohang research na, i have to cope up and make an effort to understand the things and terminologies in our class..

As 2012 comes to closing... i would like to still enjoy the coming busy days... i  am preparing for a party for the outgoing RN Heals in our hospital, i am challenged and i would like to see my "organizing" skills would make the ceremony a memorable one!!

So blessed...choose what your heart tells you, not because you have to do it, but because you want to..=)