Tuesday, September 6, 2011

free tuesday..=)

awww.. just when was the last time i opened my FB and twitter account? oh no i cant even remember...forgive me for that and for not writing here in my blogspot.

so here i am, writing freely the things that crossed or entered my mind, haha
i just read the blog of Jiggy Cruz and just like before, i am astonished on his ideas not to set aside the grammar of course..(smiles..)

way back in Baguio, i write blogs to destress myself and share those tiny inspirations that i find justifiable, i guess.. i mean, its not everyday that i have time and the mood to write entries, but once i click that "new post" icon, the ideas just come in.=)

a while ago, i am thinking of what will be the title of this blog, i thought of "turning point" or "shifting gears".. the first one may mean, for me..that there comes a point in our lives that we arrive in an instance where we have to take decisions or steps in order to continue something/s in our life, we may find ourselves not ready at that instance but we have to take the risk for us to feel the rush or the true meaning of life. the latter means ( shifting gears - an inspirational text i received from my college friend that goes like this.. occasionally, God wants us to 'stay parked' for a while. waiting is not always easy, but sometimes God wants us to stay right where He put us. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart psalms 27:14 keep your heart open to God's leading, then you'll be ready to shift gears when you hear God say, let's go this way...=) ) inspiring right?

waiting is hard, but just like hoping, hoping means still believing when everything else is hopeless..=) -a signage i read at the walls of Baguio cathedral which i can't forget.=)


i was reading the Sunday edition of Phil Daily Inquirer, (im not done reading the whole newspaper..=( the articles makes sense, its either PDI or Manila Bulletin, completing the usual Sunday Routine..=)

great night everyone, til next time!=)