Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the best of 2010..=)

so these are the things to celebrate this 2010:

january- i had my first whitesand experience at poro LU. that was so memorable.
february- my 20th birthday..finally natuloy yung dream birthday with the biology people haha!
march- graduation
april- gapuz madness
may- review review review
june- final coaching
july- board exams!!!
august- senate ojt, result ng boards!!! yesssss! thanks GOd!!!
september- oathtaking, bls, ldp, reunited hehe! with my long lost friend nikko
october- seminars
november- v.luna exam
december- job..toinks!! hahaha

this year was an extra ordinary year..i feel so blessed and im so happy to have so much from what i asked for. there may be loop holes but often do i wake up agin, so what more can i say???

cheers to 2011!!!! welcome new year!!! Godbless us!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

afternoon smile..=)

i thought this was going to be a sad day for me..but thanks to the two women during the phone conversation i had with them..they told me.." ang cute ng name mo ha..pag nag ka-anak ako ipapangalan ko yan" ...hahaha

for a reason it was a relief..i felt sad during the morning, actually also last night because im still figuring out things that is happening around me,i mean new things!! specially at employed..(smile julz)..hehe

honest to troubled and i have to accept it. however, i still believe and trust God that He has a reason why im in this situation. new responsibilities, new atmosphere, new environment, many new things to learn.

but dont worry, give me hmmm...1 week..ok na aq haha!
and that is what i like of being "julea" i managed to keep that attitude of not giving up easily.i hope i can continue with that personality..

hmm another amazing thing that happened today, i was able to call like 20 hospitals in Mindanao area...Kidapawan, Cotabato, Davao, Cagayan de oro, Misamis..hahaha! our countrymen in the southern part of the country are nice and courteous people..that made me think to travel sometime sa mindanao area! natuwa aq sa accent nila and sa mga dialects...=)
see im enjoying the things im doing..i hope i can find joy in everything that i do.

for now, i feel that my family and friends are my happiness.. they are worth living for..and for that worth sacrificing for also..=)

i received so much from what i asked for..thanks God for the blessings!=)

Friday, December 10, 2010

my amnesia girl!cute!

this was the last movie i saw with my was a cute movie because it was light, funny, perfect for our bonding..=) i enjoyed watching with my kind cousin dianne. ka-batch ko cxa and nilibre nya ako..super bait!=)

this movie was far very different from what john llyod did last february..i mean, the movie "miss you like crazy" with bea alonzo..pero like ko yung soundtrack na miss you like crazy!

lesson from the movie?
time heals all wounds?=) probably yes.. and also..
second chances are given to those who deserve dont take the first chance for granted..!haha

freinds..keep smiling!=) keep the faith!

Friday, November 19, 2010

song review:half of my heart..=)

hi heart of mine! haha

i was about to make a blog about a song entitled "half of my heart" by john mayer..
during the past days,i enjoyed listening to this song because of its melody and relaxes me just like the song of michael buble.."i haven't met you yet"..=)

i think john mayer was left by his bride haha..but i think john did something that's why the girl left her..anyway what i like in this song is that at the end, he still listened to the "half" of his heart that tells he still loves the girl..=) buti nalang!!hahaha


ang tagal ko na di nakakagawa ng blogs..=(
pero ang saya ko this past was like a riding roller coaster..with a friend to share the excitements!!!haha a little busy, travellling around the metro..exploring the hospitals!grabe..
di ko din inaakala na nalilibot ko ang manila..hahaha
hopefully makabisado ko din..=)

Monday, October 18, 2010

the novel i just finished..=)

last week,i was able to "rest" for 4 days..that was good! i have spent those days at Pangasinan taking care of my lola.. during those "silent' days hahaha i was able to finish the book given to me by mam tin, its a book by Mitch Albom, "the five people you meet in heaven"

and that is the center of my newest blog..haha i wasn't able to write blogs for a long time and i reserved this good one as a comeback. so read on!=)

i just like to share the main story of the book..
Eddie just died after falling in a roller coaster,but in his dying starts the story.
He met five persons that thought him five lessons, i find those lessons so interesting and "magical" and i like to share it with you..So here are the five persons he met:

1. The Blue man- man he doesn't know
-there are no random acts. we are all connected. we cannot separate one life from the another than you can separate a breeze from wind.

2. The Captain-Eddie's commander during his time in the Army
-Sacrifice- sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're really not losing it, you are just passing it to someone else.

3. Ruby- where the pier got its name,wife of the owner of the amusement park where Eddie worked,his father worked.
-holding anger is a poison. it eats you from inside. we think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. but hatred is a curved blade, and the harm we do, we do it to ourselves.

4. Marguerite-wife of Eddie
-Lost love is still love, it takes a different form that's all. you can't see their smile or bring the food or tousle their hair or dance with them in the dance floor. but when those senses weaken, another heightens. memory. memory becomes your partner. you nurture it. you hold it. you dance with it. LIFE HAS TO END, LOVE DOESN'T.

5. Tala- child that Eddie met during a war in the Philippines. He tried to save her but he wasn't able to.
(for me,this is the most important lesson that Eddie should understand..also us..=) )

-that we are in a place for a reason. God placed us there because He knows we are best to be that character here on Earth. We are supposed to be where we are right now. As for Eddie, he was a maintenance crew, guiding little children in the park, making them smile..

how about you, have you figured it out why God placed you in a place where you are right now?=)

last insight from the book,heaven is peace, it is understanding what happened in your life and answering the big "why" in your mind..=)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

very thankful!

yey! my new entry after knowing the much anticipated board exam result!!!


it really made a big difference to my life..

what i really like about it is that it also made other people happy..=)

i owe it to god,manong jayson,my parents, my University of baguio, my gapuz review family, my friends...and to everyone that inspired me to pursue my nursing career..=)

because of this im able to do other things that require passing the board!=)
sa tulong ng ama, pumasa ako!=)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

speaking out!!!

finally!!! whooo!!
i had this moment to burst the many things that is going inside my mind...
sorry, it was a long time since i wrote blog entries..and now...
i just wanted to let things burst out of my mind!!!
i want to listen to rock music..
throw those shoes, pick up those slippers..
wear the most comfortable clothes...!

haha!does that sound so irritating..not really, i just missed writing blogs... this is my time!
the things that i cant say to facebook, ill probably write to my blogsite..and my blog today would be about.....(just read it)..

i spent 3 days volunteering at the senate medical clinic..i take bp of employees, dependents, visitors ,executives,janitors...honestly, im having fun doing it..i keeps me busy and makes me not to "think" about the coming results..the staff are accommodating and most importantly, i learn to mingle and work with people who are superior to me.

just one point, i want to share this insight..
in my 3 days of "working" there, i met people from different walks of life. attorneys,doctors,reporters,janitors,police,nurses,..and many more..

(w8 lang ha im listening to linkin park..papercut-rock music!)sometimes its so tiring to live within the rules...dont bother trying the other side of the world..dont get bounded by boundaries!!!

oh e2 na nga...
just one lng..

your position does not give you the right to judge other cant measure someone on how he dress,speaks,understand... however, look into his pursuit of determination on how he is making a better change in his life. help him to grow up.

it gives me a lil insight why people start from stair no.1 and has to go up..because, first you should learn how to follow before being followed.

another point...
the person that might inspire you may just be the person sitting next to you in a jeepney, a person cleaning the room after work hours..the simple follower, look not into the "power" of someone..i tell you.seriously.

we are respected in our different arenas...we are loved and valued by people who appreciate us. IT TAKES NO MONEY TO APPRECIATE A WORK WELL thank you.

hahaha!that is a real relief! as i said before my blogsite is my sanctuary..haha!what a word! that is why its called heart of mine...ideas from my heart..

til next time..adios!seize the day!-julz

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"laughter is a great mental tonic.."

its good some people can make us laugh, even with the little gesture or just a lil dance or song.
or saying a joke..they can make our silent moments into giggling ones.

after a busy day, its good to treat yourself with a good laugh..a smile, a tap on back...
you had a long busy deserve a reward.=)

treat yourself with a funny movie, watch it with friends so the giggling will be more enjoying!=)

on the other side.....

"sleeping is a relief, coz who would want a day awake when reality is far what the heart longs to see.."

listening to slow music, looking over the window staring at the stars that shine in the moonless night..emo???!!!! we sometimes have to admit that we are emotional over things that make us feel appreciated,loved and recognized...
i thought about this idea a while ago, why would you stop a person from being dependent to someone if that is the only reason while he holds on...better find someone so happy in the company of others than not finding that someone in the first place...

just like a line in the story book of pocahontas i have read..
"id rather die tomorrow knowing you than to live a hundred years without knowing you.."

-the feelings of happiness and sadness that make our life more exciting..=)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


it was a cloudy Monday here in Baguio city and rains poured hard during the afternoon just 1 hour before the big event at Baguio atlethic bowl- the GEM 2010. Although it rained and the stage got wet, mud is covering the grass, and traffic surrounded the area.. nothing can hinder the night's is the evangelical mission of INC.

everybody was overwhelmed with the number of people who attended the event. there was no available space to sit and even us, the usherettes and ushers stood during the whole program, guiding every person that may need help.. punong puno yung atlethic bowl hanggang sa baba!=)

and when the choir sang the songs loudly and clear, i had goosebumps and i know...God is happy..=)
the programme was about sharing the words of God to those who attended and it was a way to tell others that INC wants to share the words that God wants to tell to each of us.

my experience is this:
we finished early in our review, i got a chance to eat chicken sandwich before going to the vicinity (that was about 5:20..) i was late when i got there,i had no id...but when i saw the person distributing the id, i got the last one...=)

i felt fulfilled and overwhelmed with what happened, i proved myself that God made a way for me to be there and to realize that wala talagang imposible kay Bro..=)

if you like what youre doing and when you are fulfilling God's way, i tell you.. you'll never get tired and at most times, you'll ask for more..=)

i hope i was able to inspire you,God wont let you be hurt... each person may have different views in life but one is common among us, our savior..Jesus Christ..=)

(ill share the pics when they are available na..=)..kip safe reader!, Godbless!!!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

"lead me Lord"

just want to share some happenings in the past days...=)

we were able to apply in the prc filing for the July board exam!=) what a relief...
i can now focus on my review and make my scores better..=)
the long line during the application in our school really pushed me to my limit..i wont talk while waiting for my turn kasi talagang pagod na ako..haha if i would chat pa wid my friends ay naku malolobat talaga ako...hehe i was (and ate amy, ate mitch) was teary eyed when we finally finished the filing process..

we are tackling Med-Surg in our review...i can say that its the bulk of the exam, it comprise the part 3 and 4...eto kinakaya pa naman..=) hihi

i had many reflections during the passed days..
in our review we start the day with a prayer..its always nice that its like that..=)
yesterday, we sang Lead me Lord by gary v. .. the song was so touching... its really a prayer.
just a while ago, we sang 'take me out of the dark" yata yung title.. my favorite part was:

"teach me trust in you to lean not on my own understanding cause i just forget you wont give me what i cant bear..."

this is so true God wont give us things beyond our capabilities..He is our Engineer, He knows the exact things that we can and what we cant do...He will not give us problems that we cant solve..He trust us at the things that He gives us, He just want us to learn something..he wants us to be stronger..=)

our lecturer shared what happened to her husband, he had infection in CNS they spent almost 2 hundred thousand in the prestigious hospital locate in Global City,Manila.

what i thought was..hindi ibibigay ang problema na yan sayo kung hindi mo kayang solusyunan..just what the songs above want to tell...=)

my reader...a minute of prayer will make God smile, it means we remember Him, even at the end of the day say a lil prayer, just like how happy if someone would ask, how was your day?
we can also ask...thank you God for a nice day..=)

Monday, April 26, 2010

julea and juliana..=)

helow!!!! this is just a short blog..=)

its good that my lola just got home a while ago..

i and my younger brother spent 2 nights at the hospital to look after my lola..
ay nga pala..buti naalala ko..the title of this blog wud be..julea and juliana..=)
because my name was given by my grandparents,i was born at their house at pangasinan..=) my lolo wanted "lea"..and my name was after my lola's name juliana.. equals to...julea..=)
that is why im close to them...

i remember when i was still in grade one, i got sick and my lola traveled to our house in manila to cook a native chicken.. after that i got well..haha!!!

there was also a time when she visited, and her eyeglasses got broken because i stepped on it..
natapakan ko sa upuan kasi bata pa ako nun, as usual malikot ako nun..=)

it makes me smile to remember those things...i still pray for her recovery, my uncle said gusto nila ako nag mag alaga sa kanya kasi daw she smiles when i talk to her, kasi i say jokes at i tell her the funny experiences i had during my past duties to different places..=)

a nice quote i read from my review material goes like this... "pain is just temporary.." and i would add this...pain is just temporary we cant get stuck on something because time waits for no one...keep the faith!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a breaking heart

this day my heart really broke.....
it broke to see my grandmother so different...
so different from before, so fragile at this moment.

when she tried to return the smile i gave was the greatest gift i had today...
i wish i could say the words she would like to say...
chew the food for her..
move for her...

but up to now i admire her..
when we arranged her bag while she was awake, the things were organized and she knows what were the things inside..i gave her rosary so she could hold it with her strong hand...

she suffered stroke yesterday and it really made me sad...
i remember the blogs written by jiggy cruz, the oldest grandson of cory aquino...there he wrote how he really tried not to cry while talking to his lola..and that is exactly what i did..i have to be strong and composed at this moment.. i have to attend my reviews, i have to finish my reqirements for PRC, i have to convince myself everything will be alright.

i and my younger sister koleen just arrived here in baguio at 9pm.. but i cant help myself not to write this blog because i have to easen myself...writings blogs gave me a way to loosen some emotions.

i know God will be there always...
my dear reader, pls pray for my lola...=)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

some thoughts..=)

i miss writing blogs!!!=)

after the graduation celebration...the journey begins...another chapter of life that has to be better than the last..- and it can only be better if i will make a change.

change is inevitable and you have to let it pass when it knocks on your door.. because if you dont, you will get stuck in that point, in that corner... we have to move, even if it slow.. we cant rush things, we have to understand the art of preparation.

last april 4, i really saved this things to my cellphone before i went to sleep..
these were the things that i learned during that day:
1. put God first-start ur day with a prayer
2. Learn new things each day-i mean RE- learn it again..haha
3. learn from your mistakes-always!
4. stay L-least noisy O-observant W-win a friend with a smile
5. be cautious-some people are bad, but God sends us angels to protect us..=)
6. patience and courage makes a difference!

it was a walk in duty at benguet gen DR...grabe, di bale masasabi ko lang.. everyone starts as a novice..=)

this week, we are arranging the things that we need for the application in the July board exam...i really hope we can finish the things that we are doing, we were travelling, i sleep late, but dont worry i dont let myself go hungry...=) hehe...syempre as in kakapagod pero kaya!!!=)

im happy for my friend, a magna cum laude in DLSU dasma...galing!=)

looking forward for more accomplishments this! till next time..=)

Friday, March 26, 2010

"all systems go!"

"all systems go!"

that is all i can say as i wait 1 day more for my graduation. i can say everything is ready, everything has been prepared vigilantly..i am really happy and excited for the event.. i made this blog to pay recognition to the graduation committee of our school- UNIVERSITY OF BAGUIO...

i really appreciate the effort given and the time exerted for our practice. the instructions were thoroughly explained, the directions were very well said...!especially the talk of sir raffy!!i love it! he gave jokes that really happen during graduation..!!!hahaha

the school really wanted everything to be perfect and i really felt that UB wanted our parents to feel the warm welcome and thanks of the university..

being the second home of their children, and being away from home, UB has that "family atmosphere", it really has that "caring" for every student...

i also would like to commend the effort of our dean, Dr. Cabrera. She was there at the gym during the practices. she comes earlier than i do..=) wag ko lang sya masasalubong kundi lagot aq, late aq ng 5 mins. haha!

i remember the question in a slumbook during the elementary years,,
what is your greatest ambition?---- to finish my eto tapos na...=)

again,CHEERS TO BATCH 2010! i am with you in praying for our success!=)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a short blog...=)

this one is short,( before i get busy for the rehearsals tom until friday, grad exercises on sunday, i dont know yet if i will be on Tarlac for the completion duty on next monday to wednesday) i ll just explain what i mean in my message in my yearbook:

"the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regarding in whatever chosen field of endeavor.. i dedicate my achievements to my family and relatives. to m.jay, a sing;e thank you is not enough"

...ok that's it..haha
no matter what your profession may be, if you put your heart into it, you will not get tired, you will enjoy what you are doing. when you love what your doing, you'll never get tired same as if you love a person, you'll wait...for the right time and hope, and hoping means to hope when all things are hopeless...perfect!!!

i just made it short because i believe that when you are able to say what you want to say, no other explanation is necessary.

naalala ko tuloy si shiela, "madali tayong kausap chugz eh!"...


Friday, March 19, 2010

i had a funny experience yesterday when we were walking down session road, we went for interview for a chance to be a call center agent.. Convergys inc.rented the yellow cab pizza store to be the place of their interview..
there were two of us who were facing the interviewer, i was the one who was asked first, it was really funny! i was able to answer the questions but i mentioned about the financial stuff, and that's a big no no during an interview..! yung kasama ko, nclex passer na at RN na din..hahaha after that we were given food stubs.. nakakain tukoy ako ng yellow cab ng wala sa oras.. free pizza, who wouldnt want that???yum yum yum... e kasama ko pa si ate mitch..addict sa pizza..
a letter was handed to me saying, we regret to inform you that you dont qualify our requirement..hahaha that really makes me laughuntil now! nag seminar pa naman kami about interviews tapos in the real scenario ganun ginawa ko...wel at least ive experience an actual interview..=)

so these are some of my graduation pics...
i stare at it and just smile... at last, i was able to arrive at this point of my life that i can say to myself, i was able to achieve proud of my parents and manong jayson.

without them, i am not here, able to finish my studies and achieve such degree.. in the past days, i said to myself, i have caused my parents so much sacrifices already... its my turn to do my my little ways i will start to make them feel proud also.. i will review hard to pass the board exam in just one take...

like what i said in my yearbook:
"the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regarding in whatever chosen field of endeavor.. i dedicate my achievements to my family and relatives. to m.jay, a sing;e thank you is not enough"

i will explain it in my next blog..=)
i feel so grateful that God gave me so much blessings... more than what i asked, and i know, before i pray, He already knows what will i say..and a blessing is again coming my way..=)

thank you bro!!!!=)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a great day with shiela..=)

how will i start? where will i start?..;)

the internet here at school is taking too long to respond but so far so good naman.
i planned to make this blog last night but i was tired already from the things that i did yesterday..
i was at the school 9:30 am to arrange the papers for our section's yearbook, good thing i saw shiela so nagkwentuhan kami sa library..sorry hehe
i looked for mam danglipen but she was no yet around at 11:00 am we just took the courage of availing the BPI savings card at campomanes...after 45 minutes, we were able to get our card.=)

we had lunch at jollibee assumption and shiela treat me for the meal...=) tnx chugz!
she shared stories that really made me laugh and i felt my stomach quiver bec i laughed too hard....she told me the story during their first ever duty at tagudin..

after that we went to commerce bldg, we saw sir imus,,, we were again laughing bec we have to let sir imus sign our case slips and without any effort of texting him, we just saw him..
i and shiela enjoy talking about destiny and fate.. she said that "if a thing is really bound for you, you would get it in the right time, without any effort.." haha then we would look at each other and say chugas ay...hahaha!

even her bottle of water that was left at the campomanes while we were on the line waiting for our card, was still there..after namin kumain sa jollibee napansin nya wala yung tubig nya binalikan namin sa campomanes andun pa din.. sabi ko sa kanya, destiny mo yung tubig mo chugz...hehe!

it was 4pm already when our meeting with dean cabrera took place, i appreciate the effort of our dean to make such meetings because she made it a point to speak to each graduating student and inspire them with little ideas like...exert effort to pass the board exam..she said "let's make history this july and december board exams.."

i and koleen went to church that evening..and ate a late dinner...the lesson that night made me thought of things that i have to let happen...God has better plans, He has many surprises for us..=)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my late blog about panagbenga..

today is????Thursday...
here i am at the 5th floor of UB..making my promised blog about the panagbenga...
the street parade was a success and so as the float parade that happened last feb 28. it was my first time to watch the float parade in my 4 years of studying here in the city of pines...=)

its nice to feel that "festivity feeling"...feeling ko turista din ako..hehe
after that we went for our last duty at Rosario La union. The duty was tiring and a bit stressful, i was the one who managed the van and contacted our boarding house.

we got 2 nsd cases and some minor cases... our clinical instructor is really kind.. i made sure that i will do my best for our last hospital duty... i hope i did well...i guess i did..=) i was able to decrease the temperature of my 1 year old patient. i assisted an ORIF case,i was not wearing my scrub suit and i have no mask because it was done at the minor OR.. naging wolverine yung kamay ng pasyente...=I

in our duty, my task is to go to the market...we do that everyday... and that is one thing i will miss after my college years.. aq din yung treasurer ng grupo...

ang init sa baba!!!!!!!! sobra.....

when we arrive here in Baguio Saturday afternoon, i went to church because Sunday morning, i have in-house review... then it was my chance to see session road in bloom...=)

ganda ng fireworks...!!!! til next panagbenga...

lessons: hoping is to hope when all things are hopeless...=)
loving is letting someone grow and letting go...
love has its own time....its part of waiting...(winks...~)

exam week ahead...we had an activity that is entitled "my 3 year plan"..
i want to be a military nurse, i hope my height will be......oh no!haha i am, looking into the things that make me smile and continue to hope...=)

Friday, February 26, 2010

words and thoughts from my heart..=)

there is this song, i was happy to hear it again...
if you were my girl by a1.. haha it makes me sing talaga...! i heard it upon entering trinity cellphone shop when i was about to get my phone.. buti narinig ko ulit yun...

seen the movie miss you like crazy...

my favorite part was when august(john llyod) called bea and asked"san lakad mo?", "gusto mo ng kasama?", "hindi ako maingay pramis..".. at syempre the petronas tower conversation..=)
tapos yung ending..that finally,they were in eachothers worries, no person to hurt, no fate to fight with, because destiny favored them already..

this week was an awesome week...many good things happened,.. i really cant forget the feeling of nervousness when i was able to exchange my hellos to my long lost friend(10 years!)... hehe not just butterfly in my stomach, mariposa ata!!haha

i feel guilty in a way kasi i think im not studying like before, finals pa naman... parang im not exerting effort to get good grades..yung ncp namin, ang baba ng score...
kung sana ginawa nalang namin ng maayos...

i think i felt really overwhelmed and set aside some things that i should be doing, regrets? hindi.. medyo... unorganized lang...

im doing my best to make things better and correct my expecting too much, thinking that things will turn just the way i like it to be, but it isnt like that... life is unfair, and we have to accept it..

it just cant be.. that things will be like the way it is everyday, if we will have everything we desire, there will be no things to look forward to..

we cant have everything that we want.. where would we place it..???

we cant own someone...because nobody can own anyone..

we cant make something happen in just a snap..coz anything that is worth having, is worth waiting for.... is the street parade and here i am sitting making my blog, listening to songs in youtube, thinking of the things that i should change to make tomorrow a better day..=)
bukas cguro kami manuod ng float parade.., tapos duty sa rosario LU..." the last official hospital duty for ncm 105.." after that completion duties nalang..=)

this is a simple moment with my words and thoughts from my heart..=)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy fabulous feb!!=)


im very happy at this moment, im twenty years old na!hehe =)

let's start the story..=)

tuesday...feb 16
during the night, i was having slight fever..and a stomach a little weak and just decided to stay on bed, sleep early and wake up early because my class was 8am..

wednesday...feb 17 (eric's bday)
the ECG lecture made me sick!!! we were forced to interpret a rhythm that for the medical students, it requires a semester to master...we did that in just 4 hours! overload.. buti medyo i felt better during the afternoon.. i and jovi took a visit at Mario's (the restaurant i was planning to celebrate my birthday..i thought about it a year ago)..=)
ganda ng ambiance sa mario's... kaya lang..yung drinks so expensive.. calamansi juice for 75 pesos...over!!
we decided to go to sm baguio and look for a more reasonable resto.. we ate at chowking kasi late na mga 5pm, i ate congee kasi masakit tyan ko...wala aq gana kumain..=(
i ordered our cake at goldilocks..(cake for the slu bio party)..=)

thursday...feb 18 (my day)!!!! (bday din ni julius)
i was surprised because the whole class sang a birthday song for me!=)
ate mitch and ate amy gave me gifts, we were about to discuss algorithm for the megacode for next day's return demo...
ang saya... we ate at pizza hut session road.. (f4 and shiela, leanne, hailee and jen..) ravioli and pasta putanesca..wid free kisses..the chocolate ones..hehe
i went to church and prayed, thanked God for the wonderful blessings i having receiving 2o years now..=)
at the bhauz, we ate choco marble cake which i brought and the grilled chicken that my cousin brought when me and koleen was in the church..heavy dinner!=)
what a very happy birthday..=)

friday!!!!! feb 19..
the megacode rd was a storm...not just a blast!!!
it was really nervous to play as a doctor and read the ECG strip!!!! my goodness... kahit anung sabihin ni mam charo nun wala na, naka focus ako sa groupmates ko.. doctor aq eh, kailangan may gawin ako dun...puro ventricular fib!! cge compression, CPR, defib!!! hahahaha
well...patient revived!!! whoooo.... yaan nyo pag naging doctor talaga aq, alam ko na ang normal sinus rhythm...hehe NPE 3 rocks.. kami lang naka revive ng patient sa buong section!!!=)
kakaibe yun grabe...naiiyak na ako kasi nagaglit na si mam charo dahil di ko mabasa yung strip, pero nagawa namin...yesss!!!
during the nyt, after attending the tanging pagtitipon, i was running kasi mau and lei was waiting for me for like 45 minutes na! then we went for the slu bio party..

leo and ferdie(feb 5),eric (feb 17), julius and julea (feb 18)..jourbiela(feb..?)
ang saya ng party with the bios..kahit maikli q lang sila naging classmate, ang saya pa din.. sayang wala na sa slu si stephen,..
c leo baked mac, aq cake, c julius ice cream, c eric pansit, c ferdie di ko alam tska si jourbiela..
ang saya kwentuhan and dami pagkain!=)
di aq makatulog...2am na yata aq nakatulog..=)

saturday...feb 20
at d gym 830 am..seminar resume and cover letter making..=)
went to gapuz to inquire for d review...
3pm..went to palma for jen's bday celeb..hehe
ive been partying 3 days in a row now... back to reality tom...=)

with the things that happened, all i can say is im just taking the opportunity to enjoy every moment while i can still enjoy it and appreciate the blessings given to me...
im so happy to still have my parents and family around me, my loving relatives around, spend fun moments with my friends, and smile everytime im given a moment worth remembering..=)

(i realized i was not able to whisper my wishes with the candles i that means.. til next year to come!=) siguro kaya di ako nakapag wish eh wala na akong naisip na mahihiling pa..'',

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

happy hearts day!=)

how will you treat a post, when it is posted by someone who matters a lot to you?
im sure you will not ignore it,you will think hard why did that person posted that greeting..
were you the only one given?if yes,what does that mean? if not, can you still say anything?...
if for the past years youve been puzzled about what is happening then suddenly, you see yourself still puzzled, having no power to do anything, having no guts so say something, having no courage to do the right thing that is sure...i remember the quote "you are someone to someone if that someone is someone to you" (im not sure of this quote, ill try to recheck it later)... hmmm whatever!!!

this idea came to my mind this morning..
if we were given everything, we will not learn to value the importance of something so little..
maybe that is why we are only given enough or less because God does not want us to forget him, worse, He doesn't want us to do bad things and hurt others just because of the excess things we receive. we may do bad things.. but everyday, we are always given the chance to think about it, feel sorry, and ask for forgiveness...

hhmmm..another thing..
criticisms serve as reality means we may be doing something too much, that unconsciously we hurt other people already... maybe criticisms were made to keep us on track..=)

and now i smile..=)
and i hope to smile everytime i remember that nothing is impossible with GOd!=)
its not NO..its just not NOW...=) yahoo!!!

"dont just wait, grow and be ready"...and make sure your heart can take it..=)
advance happy hearts day!=)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

( this picture was taken when we were washing our uniforms in Lepanto..simple bonding pero ang saya ng bonding! =D )

so here i am, sitting in front of the computer trying to remember everything that happened from th last time i was able to post my last blog...haha

i have attending to many things weeks ago and managing things for our class, the last time i made my blog was the birthday of my elementary classmate,nikko(its nice he accepted my friend request in facebook after 3 months?).. hehe =)

i posted my last blog just before our trip for our duty in bethany icu ward... that was a learning experience with mam libria..i really tried not to sleep during the shift which was 11-7 bec i was a bit scared with the icu ward, good thing no patient went to heaven during our duty..whew...!

the next week, i got busy for our yearbok.. the forms have to be encoded and burned to a cd. but thanks to my classmates who helped me finish the task..

after that week, we were so anxious about our duty at lepanto, it was dubbed as the worst duty place to be for the UB nursing students, aside from Bontoc which is really far (i think the farthest affilated hospital of our school)..

So this is how the experience begins....
i dont know what to bring, im not sure what to pack in my bag.. sweaters, blankets, utensils, because my classmate told me that it is cold there..

the trip was a bit relaxed, we saw the devstations brough about by the storms that passed. imagine a road cut in the middle. i mean, the white line in the middle. we had good time making fun of kuya aries in the ven..we said we were in wish ko lang and kuya aries was about to go home in his place in cebu. hahaha the chicken dung trucks gave us headache!!!!eewww

it was almost 7pm when we arrived at the staff house, it was a big place but 4 groups would be there so the space was not enough.. we were able to go to the market before our duty (thanks to ken)

the hospital was like 25 meters away we have to walk through the stairs going up..the scenery was mountains in every side..hehe

the first day was done..4hours duty and 4 hours sleep..tnx! there were only 4 patients during that time. but during the last day, there was like 20 patients and some of us have to attent to 2 patients at a time. that was ok,none of the patients was toxic..=)

we had 1 nsd case equal to 3 least hindi kami na zero!!!
the day goes like this..
in the morning, i, ken and shiela would go to the market and buy our foods for lunch and dinner...we cook 2 1/2 kilos of rice every meal!imagine that but we have to nourish ourselves bec. being in the graveyard shift is a bit threatening to the body...=)

ang dami ko pa gusto ikwento!! nauso yung "chugz" na tawagan..
what i like the most during our shift is the time that we have to eat our last supper at lepanto, the group prayed together and shout "nursing win"!!! that so nice...=)
the idea of making a new t-shirt for the group came in so i have to look forward to it..=)
and dami namin paglain, pero 350 lang nagastos namin para sa pagkain individually,. for 1 week yun ah! galing ng mga cook namin...kuya aries, jayson, yvans, ian!!!!! c ken pa pala..=)
i wont forget the sinigang encouter, c aiz hindi na kilala luto ng bf nya!!!hahaha

time passed a lil slow but i think it has a reason behind it, it learn how every moment is special, must be treasured because it will never happen again....medyo sad kc tahimik sa bhauz when i got home, silence broke my heart.. namiz ko yung ingay namin..

grabe yung byahe pabalik..omg!!! muntik talaga aq mag vomit...ouch!super sabi nga ni shiela para laming kinayod na buko 360 degrees nothing beats halsema!!! roller coaster ibang level!!!!

and now back to baguio..looking forward for panagbenga 2010!=)
if ever other ideas come to my mind, ill try to post it so that ill remember the good times i had during my college days...

this blog can be summed up to:
"moments enjoyed with friends will be treasured, it will make me smile over and over again..=) "

midterm week ahead...go go go!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

one less lonely girl by Justin Bieber

this song makes me smile everytime i hear it...=)
im a girl so does that make it "one less lonely boY?" hmmm..hehe

i think the point of this song is to make someone happy everyday so that there will be one less lonely person in the world..=) nice!!!!=) if we will do it everyday, our world will be full of smiles..=)

so this is the song..listen to it in youtube..=)

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl Lyrics

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl

How many I told you’s and start overs
And shoulders have you cried on before
How many promises be honest girl
How many tears you let hit the floor
How many bags you packed
Just to take ‘em back tell me that
How many either or (but no more)
If you let me inside of your world
There’d be the one less lonely girl

Ohh No saw so many pretty faces before I saw you you
Now all I see is you
Ohh No don't need these other pretty faces
‘cause when you’re mine in this world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
I'm gonna put you first (I'm coming for you)
I'll show you what you’re worth
If you let me inside your world
There’s gonna be one less lonely girl

Christmas wasn’t merry, 14th of February not one of them spent with you
How many dinner dates set dinner plates and
He didn’t even touch his food
How many torn photographs saw you taping back
Tell me that couldn’t see an open door
But no more if you let me inside of your world

Ohh No
Don't need these other pretty faces
‘cause when you’re mine in this world
there’s gonna be one less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
I'm gonna put you first (I'm coming for you)
I'll show you what you’re worth
If you let me inside of your world

I can fix up your broken heart
I can give you a brand new start
I can make you believe
I just wanna set one girl free to fall,
free to fall
fall in love with with me

My hearts locked and nowhere to get the key
I’ll take you and leave the world with one less lonely girl

There’s gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl (One less lonely girl)
There’s gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl (One less lonely girl)

There’s gonna be one less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)
I'm gonna put you first (I'm coming for you)
I'll show you what you’re worth
If you let me inside of your world

There’s gonna be one less lonely girl

Monday, January 4, 2010

welcome 2010!

welcome 2010!!!!=)

here i am making my first blog entry this 2010..

i enjoyed the holiday vacation..aside from having time to rest, what is more important is i get to spend the meaningful days of the year with my love lola,my parents,my siblings, cousins even our neighbors..=)

actually im having a hard time thinking what to write,hehe
anyway,the vacation was full of festivity foods,smiles,pictures..nothing but good memories.=)
although i got a less number of greetings this year,its ok..i understand everyone is busy.
i remember the things that i did before 2009 ended..

1.we went to Vigan for our cmpletion duty that was awesome!
2. i traveled 9 hours from vigan to Dagupan..add 1 more hour to Bayambang..(but its worth it!)
3.i was able to register for 2010 elections..Ako mismo..hehe (my cousin ann was with me though)

we spent new year in achievement during this time is.......
my dad didnt "got angry" with me in anyway..i think..=) i mean he didnt pansin the texting times,lazy moves,,hehe i feel i made good during my stay in our house..=) we helped my mom do the chores, (to the best that we can)haha....

what else?im happy i was able to exchange text messages with my former classmate during the SLU happy to make him smile,even in text only..=)

after the countdown, i was still watching tv and i happened to listen to the Eucharistic mass of Fr. Jerry Orbos on ch.2. His talk consisted of how to live 2010 the most out of it..

1. Let live-first you have to live to make things happen..=)
2.Live with joy-having that smile will make a big difference..=)
3.Live light-dont focus on the things that you dont need.. you just need the simplest things in life to live life..=) throw out the burdens,smile,forgive,love....=)

Live like Jesus.."we may not know what the future holds,but what is important is we know who holds the future"..Godbless us all!!!=)