Tuesday, December 27, 2011

waiting on the line

...just as i thought this would be the day i will finally see what my heart is yelling at me, and just when i thought this would be the day i will stop counting the days and start over again, it isnt.
i cannot understand why some things are so sudden or why does things happen, behind the smile is a questioning heart, a doubtful mind..

3 more duty days at IIW, im sad. i hope i can stay where im appreciated, where i know the limits and boundaries, where the smiles and laughter is enough to make me forget things i should forget. where i smile and hope effortlessly..

anyway, let me not ruin the Holidays...=) there is so much more to be thankful for, and so many blessings around. 2011 was a not so good year, i can say hehehe however, im still thankful that right now, i am where i want to be..at DJNRMH, at Isolation ward at that.haha

i met many new friends and kept in touched with the old ones. I am looking forward for a more challenging year, a more responsible me..=)

its always nice to look back and remember how i went through this year, i would not make to see every beautiful day because of God. Thank you heavenly Father for not giving up on me, i am not worthy, i forget you at times but still you make me realize how blessed i am with my family and my friends..

sana maging masaya ang last 3 duty days ko sa IIW..=) thanks to my NODs, my co-volunteers, mam janiz, sir rayner, sir lucky, sir justine, sir ben...see you around po!

still havent met you yet by michael buble..hehe

2012 rock on!!!!