Monday, March 20, 2017

lyrics to express :(

tell me her name i want to know
the way she looks and where you go
i need to see her face 
i need to understand
why you and i came to an end...

you are the one that ive been waiting for
my whole life through
you are the one that been looking for
and now that i found you

just say youll never go
take me wherever you go
i want to learn the things that you know
now that you made me believe
i want you to take me

until then all i have is just a memory of you 
that i can hold on to
until then..

if ever youre in my arms again
this time ill love you much better
the best of romances deserve second chances

when you  gathered your courage to yell his name and ask hin im he will go home  already? 
you are brave. we dont stop being brave.
you are courageous. i just loved.  i prayed.