Sunday, July 8, 2012

the importance of sharing


it was five minutes before five o'clock when i was about to go home and my last task is to just leave an envelope containing the message of thanks from DJNRMH to the PCMC for the NICU/PICU training of mam Ana Lagana and Mam Ethel Franco, when the volunteer nurses i met at the Male Medical Ward was having their pre-duty at the area. It was their first time of exposure in the ward because they had their first duty at the OPD. Being assigned at the Nursing Office, they know my name and asked me the questions i also asked ten months ago when i also had my first exposure at the ward area..

at that instance, i wanted to make a difference.

when it was my time that i asked those questions, i wasnt given a justifiable answer i can say. I can still remember, i was asking help to use the suction machine however, (i think) my NOD got upset instead..haha
So at that moment, i explained to them the things i know and what are the important things to do in that area. Someone asked me how to make a medication card and how to use it, and when it is done or who does that small rectangular pink cartolina card. I even accompanied them to give the medication and how to properly give such medications. I am not being righteous but at that instance i realized the importance of sharing...

Sharing may mean a lot of things..
sharing and giving may even be used interchangeably.

we give coins to beggars..
we give used clothes to typhoon-stricken individuals..
usually, we give things that had been used up by us..

but when we share, we divide important things and share it to somebody who might need it.
we share our golden time..
we share experiences,tears, learnings..
we share smiles...=)
we should share our knowledge.

When knowledge is shared, i foresee that you really dont have to direct other people to work, but when they know what to do, they would do things on their own and move without being told to do so. When you share experiences and those learnings made them inspired, they would make things better because mistakes would be lessened. That is the importance of sharing. Forget selfishness. Share what you know and continue learning..=)

and one of the most important thing you should share??is the sweetness of a smile..Smile to a person and greet him/her with a smile, and smile would be given back to you.. with that you would lift their feeling if they feel sad. make others happy..=) spread smiles!=)