Monday, November 30, 2015

#meantToBeBicol: teamsulit conquers Legazpi

and this is it, the blog entry that will complete our travel adventures.. this trip is so special for many reasons and i may not be able to list them all but i tell you it was a #meantToBeBicol trip ;)

let's get it on! :)

walang makakapigil..haha
During the APEC when almost the most powerful leaders will come to the Philippines and will land at NAIA on Nov 17-19, thanks God our flight was not cancelled, just 2 flights left going to Legazpi that morning of Wednesday :)

From once in a bluemoon experience in the ER, :) beautiful experience haha
we headed to NAIA terminal 3 and waited over night just to make sure we will not be left and to make necessary changes for our travel, no hassle :) good thing we were able to check in through web and printed our boarding passes to lessen the stress in the airport..

1st day.. ZzzZzz day
Because most of us were from duty that day, when we arrived at Legazpi airport, everyone was yawning already. we tasted the Sili ice cream and as expected, it was spicy but something new to taste   :) the weather was unpredictable when we arrived at Legazpi. but..the energy was still there haha
after putting our things at hotel, we looked for a kapilya :) :) then... in the afternoon, it was the best day ever haha

ATV ride.. they say, it is the highlight of the trip to Legazpi. i tell you, it was. ;) =) haha
the motorcycle raging through the trail was not an easy thing to conquer, its hard to drive in the middle of the trail through the watery swamps haha but thanks to Dave who drove the atv..atv tayo ulit haha ;p

2nd day: Matnog island hopping super
check! :)
it was my first time to ride a boat that long, but seeing the white sand beaches was beyond words :) plus the fact that i got to enjoy the boat ride with the team, we had fun from sun up to sun down :)
the encounter with fishes at Juag fish sanitarium was a privilege.. haha thanks to sir jayrick and as i promised to state in my blog that if tourists want to have interaction with the fishes, (not all visitors were allowed) contact first the owner of the lagoon to make a prior schedule :)
It was so nice to see a starfish for the first time and i also saw Nemo haha.. ;) lovely underwater experience :)

3rd day: Cagsawa ruins, falls and the night party haha
the Cagsawa ruins seems a beautiful picture for me not until i was able to see it for real :)
we were able to eat Pinangat and taste coconut and sili haha
the falls was not so clear when we went and it was creepy finding out that we were only the ones left there in the place. not even the caretakers gave us information that they will leave the place..
Bbq party at sir Padi's house.. sarap! :) the dinner, music, laughter, stories and bonding was priceless :) memorable experience :)

this Bicol trip will not be like this if it wasn't because of sir Jayrick haha thanks sir Padi (pare)
and thank you po Volta! :) we learned many lessons and it was so worth remembering.. again i was able to spend it with the people whom i want to share my special moments with :)
Thanks God for a safe travel, for a great company and for the guidance in all our travels.. more to come! :) #teamsulitTravels

it was a meant to be Bicol trip because despite the challenges, we can say we saw the Mayon volcano for real :) it may be simple but seeing my friends happy makes me happy too :) may forever sa Bicol haha ;) :)