Friday, March 26, 2010

"all systems go!"

"all systems go!"

that is all i can say as i wait 1 day more for my graduation. i can say everything is ready, everything has been prepared vigilantly..i am really happy and excited for the event.. i made this blog to pay recognition to the graduation committee of our school- UNIVERSITY OF BAGUIO...

i really appreciate the effort given and the time exerted for our practice. the instructions were thoroughly explained, the directions were very well said...!especially the talk of sir raffy!!i love it! he gave jokes that really happen during graduation..!!!hahaha

the school really wanted everything to be perfect and i really felt that UB wanted our parents to feel the warm welcome and thanks of the university..

being the second home of their children, and being away from home, UB has that "family atmosphere", it really has that "caring" for every student...

i also would like to commend the effort of our dean, Dr. Cabrera. She was there at the gym during the practices. she comes earlier than i do..=) wag ko lang sya masasalubong kundi lagot aq, late aq ng 5 mins. haha!

i remember the question in a slumbook during the elementary years,,
what is your greatest ambition?---- to finish my eto tapos na...=)

again,CHEERS TO BATCH 2010! i am with you in praying for our success!=)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a short blog...=)

this one is short,( before i get busy for the rehearsals tom until friday, grad exercises on sunday, i dont know yet if i will be on Tarlac for the completion duty on next monday to wednesday) i ll just explain what i mean in my message in my yearbook:

"the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regarding in whatever chosen field of endeavor.. i dedicate my achievements to my family and relatives. to m.jay, a sing;e thank you is not enough"

...ok that's it..haha
no matter what your profession may be, if you put your heart into it, you will not get tired, you will enjoy what you are doing. when you love what your doing, you'll never get tired same as if you love a person, you'll wait...for the right time and hope, and hoping means to hope when all things are hopeless...perfect!!!

i just made it short because i believe that when you are able to say what you want to say, no other explanation is necessary.

naalala ko tuloy si shiela, "madali tayong kausap chugz eh!"...


Friday, March 19, 2010

i had a funny experience yesterday when we were walking down session road, we went for interview for a chance to be a call center agent.. Convergys inc.rented the yellow cab pizza store to be the place of their interview..
there were two of us who were facing the interviewer, i was the one who was asked first, it was really funny! i was able to answer the questions but i mentioned about the financial stuff, and that's a big no no during an interview..! yung kasama ko, nclex passer na at RN na din..hahaha after that we were given food stubs.. nakakain tukoy ako ng yellow cab ng wala sa oras.. free pizza, who wouldnt want that???yum yum yum... e kasama ko pa si ate mitch..addict sa pizza..
a letter was handed to me saying, we regret to inform you that you dont qualify our requirement..hahaha that really makes me laughuntil now! nag seminar pa naman kami about interviews tapos in the real scenario ganun ginawa ko...wel at least ive experience an actual interview..=)

so these are some of my graduation pics...
i stare at it and just smile... at last, i was able to arrive at this point of my life that i can say to myself, i was able to achieve proud of my parents and manong jayson.

without them, i am not here, able to finish my studies and achieve such degree.. in the past days, i said to myself, i have caused my parents so much sacrifices already... its my turn to do my my little ways i will start to make them feel proud also.. i will review hard to pass the board exam in just one take...

like what i said in my yearbook:
"the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regarding in whatever chosen field of endeavor.. i dedicate my achievements to my family and relatives. to m.jay, a sing;e thank you is not enough"

i will explain it in my next blog..=)
i feel so grateful that God gave me so much blessings... more than what i asked, and i know, before i pray, He already knows what will i say..and a blessing is again coming my way..=)

thank you bro!!!!=)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a great day with shiela..=)

how will i start? where will i start?..;)

the internet here at school is taking too long to respond but so far so good naman.
i planned to make this blog last night but i was tired already from the things that i did yesterday..
i was at the school 9:30 am to arrange the papers for our section's yearbook, good thing i saw shiela so nagkwentuhan kami sa library..sorry hehe
i looked for mam danglipen but she was no yet around at 11:00 am we just took the courage of availing the BPI savings card at campomanes...after 45 minutes, we were able to get our card.=)

we had lunch at jollibee assumption and shiela treat me for the meal...=) tnx chugz!
she shared stories that really made me laugh and i felt my stomach quiver bec i laughed too hard....she told me the story during their first ever duty at tagudin..

after that we went to commerce bldg, we saw sir imus,,, we were again laughing bec we have to let sir imus sign our case slips and without any effort of texting him, we just saw him..
i and shiela enjoy talking about destiny and fate.. she said that "if a thing is really bound for you, you would get it in the right time, without any effort.." haha then we would look at each other and say chugas ay...hahaha!

even her bottle of water that was left at the campomanes while we were on the line waiting for our card, was still there..after namin kumain sa jollibee napansin nya wala yung tubig nya binalikan namin sa campomanes andun pa din.. sabi ko sa kanya, destiny mo yung tubig mo chugz...hehe!

it was 4pm already when our meeting with dean cabrera took place, i appreciate the effort of our dean to make such meetings because she made it a point to speak to each graduating student and inspire them with little ideas like...exert effort to pass the board exam..she said "let's make history this july and december board exams.."

i and koleen went to church that evening..and ate a late dinner...the lesson that night made me thought of things that i have to let happen...God has better plans, He has many surprises for us..=)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my late blog about panagbenga..

today is????Thursday...
here i am at the 5th floor of UB..making my promised blog about the panagbenga...
the street parade was a success and so as the float parade that happened last feb 28. it was my first time to watch the float parade in my 4 years of studying here in the city of pines...=)

its nice to feel that "festivity feeling"...feeling ko turista din ako..hehe
after that we went for our last duty at Rosario La union. The duty was tiring and a bit stressful, i was the one who managed the van and contacted our boarding house.

we got 2 nsd cases and some minor cases... our clinical instructor is really kind.. i made sure that i will do my best for our last hospital duty... i hope i did well...i guess i did..=) i was able to decrease the temperature of my 1 year old patient. i assisted an ORIF case,i was not wearing my scrub suit and i have no mask because it was done at the minor OR.. naging wolverine yung kamay ng pasyente...=I

in our duty, my task is to go to the market...we do that everyday... and that is one thing i will miss after my college years.. aq din yung treasurer ng grupo...

ang init sa baba!!!!!!!! sobra.....

when we arrive here in Baguio Saturday afternoon, i went to church because Sunday morning, i have in-house review... then it was my chance to see session road in bloom...=)

ganda ng fireworks...!!!! til next panagbenga...

lessons: hoping is to hope when all things are hopeless...=)
loving is letting someone grow and letting go...
love has its own time....its part of waiting...(winks...~)

exam week ahead...we had an activity that is entitled "my 3 year plan"..
i want to be a military nurse, i hope my height will be......oh no!haha i am, looking into the things that make me smile and continue to hope...=)