Friday, February 28, 2014

good vibes 2014 =)

2014: a year of happiness and success!

I would not let my birthday month pass by without a blog entry, so even though i was a little bit tired from today's meeting and its a friday..hahaha i am writing my first entry for 2014..=)

A blessing indeed! After the RN Heals program, i formally started as a full-pledged government employee, in no other than, Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital. For me, its a place where smiles are everywhere.. its place that nurtures young minds and for the new nurses in the profession, a place to finally put their dream into reality.
amazing oathtaking!

January was memorable because of the fast-paced shift of changes that happened in the hospital. The inauguration and blessing of the 2-new 3 storey building paved way for the next vision for DJNRMH, to be a medical center in the north by 2017.

Sec. Ona's speech at our auditorium, put emphasis on discrimination that should be disregarded when dealing with patients. Planning is the most essential part of any activity or endeavor. It was a beautiful day not to mention the preparation and the guests who arrived for the event..haha! from the flower arrangement, balloons, food, choir, signages, lamination, reimbursements, invitations, and some other details that i could not was a job well done for all of us.=)

Another memorable thing last January was the visit of DOH licensing haha! sakto ako ang natanong! 0_0 haha

February 1- #backtobaguio
Friday group at the city of pines =)

After two years, i finally had the chance to see Baguio once again, the thing that i really missed about it is the feeling of belonging in that place.. the calm environment and most specially, memories that would always stay and make me smile over and over again..=)

this month, i realized many things. I am still the person who would go out of her way to give each moment a chance, but then, the most important thing that i re-learned was being contented and hand it all to God. I still feel very privileged and blessed that i was able to meet people who made me feel happy and hopeful. I believe that there will be a better time for things to happen, and i will pray for that.  I feel blessed with my family and friends around me, and those little things that inspire me. I feel very appreciated during my birthday.. life is about being a blessing to others. =)

#livesimply #stayhappy
always smile and shine!=)