Thursday, April 11, 2013

the Seamen's Experience

the logo of Seamen's Hospital

Kuya Caloy the Admin Aide that so helpful to Tala visitors..

During the first day of Orientation and Lecture at Mario Oca Hall
amosup! amosup! amosup!

these are the words that the participants are yelling during the Basic Life Support with AED conducted by the DJNRMH HEMS team at Seamen's Hospital last April 10-11, 2013.
(oh btw, this is my first entry for this year..haha)

anyway, let me start this blog entry...

i wanted to share this for the reason that ive learned many things during this training being a support staff to the HEMS team of our hospital (again after quite some time).. At first, I was hesitant if the Nursing office would pemit me to go outside for two days because of the things that i was tasked to do.. However i am excited to visit another hospital and experience what they so call--the "seamen's experience''..=D

this blog is about my 2-day experience at Amosup-Seamen's Hospital (amosup- Associated Maritime Officers and Seamen's Union of the Philippines) it is located at Intramuros, Manila.

So what is the Seamen's Experience??=)
 for me it can be enumerated as follows..
1. Champorado- the morning snack that you'll love all over and over and over again.(super favorite ni Sir Albert)
2. the FOOD- ang sarap. period.
3. Accommodating and Kind staff/ participants- jolly and appreciative participants
4. the Quarters- the Female room intended for staff and visitors. I missed my boarding house pero ang tahimik..creepy =/ wala kasi akong kasama that time for like 3 hours..hehe
5. the Freebies- who doesn't want that?=) bag, keychain, mug and bottle opener..

the thing that ive realised during this experience is that sometimes you have to empty your hand so that you can hold/pick new and better things. Also, try to learn and do again the things that you may be doing before.. it helps to see new things because its an avenue to grow.

Lighten up and laugh, appreciate the instance that you are destined to be at some place and doing a task that could give you new learning. We are here for a reason and putting God at the center of whatever you do makes the activity/task successful.=)

I may feel tired at the end of the day but the fulfillment and joy is there. I was embraced by one of the participants and i felt the sincerity of their "thank you".

To HEMS Team- Sir Albert, Sir Jec, Sir Ralph, Sir Eson- for sharing me this great experience, to Mam Cita and Sir Sam for allowing me to go there.. and to Jay sa mga text buti hindi sya nanakot..haha thank you..=) ang saya..=)

back to Tala tom..=) reponders...Amosup! Amosup! Amosup!=)