Saturday, May 19, 2018

Amazing summer!

I did it!:)
I was able to travel alone😎

sometimes you really just have to say yes! see the sun count the starts play with the sand and listen to the waves. Thank you Puerto Galera haha

In my travel, i realized some important things:
1. money cant make you happy
But we need money to be able to do things that can make us happy,that is why we should work hard and be thrifty to have savings for our travels

2. Take extra care when travelling alone
You only have yourself and there is no one to remind you to be cautious in the place you are going, people you will meet and be mindful of your belongings

3. Enjoy each moment
I just enjoyed chatting with vendors at that time haha i was lucky to chat with my college friend ate mitch who also love the beach, she was jealous and attentively listening to all of my kwento and realizations during my trip. I was able to see the sunset, listen to the waves, look at uthe moon and see stars shine that night haha add to that i was happy to see myself sitting under a coconut tree enjoying the sea breeze and salty air. Oh that is one amazing summer!

4. Travelling alone makes you a better person
You become more sensitive to your feelings and you are able to regain some parts of you that was somehow shattered or lost in a sense. It brings back energy and a sense of fulfillment that you can say to yourself - i am brave i am worthy i am loved.

5. Pray. Always think of God first
You will enjoy better and when you think you are alone, actually God is there watching over you keeping you safe, how beautiful you got the greatest company :)

If i will be asked if i will do it again? I dont know yet haha
Mas masaya may kasama nextime πŸ˜‹

Sunday, February 18, 2018

what it meant to be good

What it meant to be good?

Being good meant being able to have the capability to show how you truly feel.. being good meant nit being the best but better, it meant being able to extend your capacity to care and love. Being good meant being available and reacheable. Being good means being able to understand the feeling of other people.

Sometimes it is ok to be just good. Less expectations and less worries. There is room for inprovement and room to gain better perspective. Being good means being able to share the reality of what is truly inside you.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Mentor Mam Malou: her last lesson to me

Until the very last time, she still taught me a lesson.

A jolly woman in her office, someone who untiringly checked my works, someone who loves to give food she cooked, someone who always makes time for everyone needing her time..

I would remember her as someone who would call me reminding me to submit the documents she still needs to review, someone who imparted her knowledge about doing work and financial plans, someone who would lend an ear even to the simplest story i will tell her.

Until the last time she still taught me a lesson- that i should do things now that i still have time, that relationships are what matters most in this world, and always aim for the better.

I thank her for all the time she spent teaching me about documents in the hospital, making me realize i should not settle for mediocre works and to be always careful about my actions.

I felt really sad i was not able to visit her during her hospital stay, but i guess she just wanted me to remember her as well and a happy Mam Malou. Someone i used to consult even after office hours about anything and everything under DJNRMH.

I am grateful for the time she spent checking on my works and above all for the trust she gave me. Her recognition about my accomplishments is something really memorable to me.
She is someone who will always inspire me to do better, a loving mom to Matthew (how i call enzo), a dedicated government employee, someone who does not settle for anything less but to strive harder, share my learnings to others and do more.

I thank her for  all the planners she gave :)

One memorable conversation we had:

Me: "Mam, excited ka ba ikakasal na yung anak mong isa (reffering to sir joseph repotente)"
M.malou: "oo naman excited na ako" e yung isang anak ko kaya kelan may ipapakilala sa akin? (Smiling while staring at me)
Me: (surprised ako pala yun at sumagot naman ako) " Relax ka lang mam, nagmamadali ka mam?, bawal ma stress mam, remember.." then we just laughed at each other about our conversation...:)

Until then mam malou. Thank you (",)

Friday, April 14, 2017

How do you heal a broken heart

I can't believe what i just heard
Could it be true
Are you the girl I thought I knew
The one who promised me her love
Where did it go
Does anybody ever know

How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never beat this much again
Oh no
I just can't let go
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never love this much again
Oh no
Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow I'll pretend to let you go

And were you ever what you seemed
Or was I a fool who fell in love
With his own dream
And now you say you want to leave
Start a new life today
Those words I thought you'd never say

Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow I'll pretend to
Wake and put it all behind me
And find that I have finally found

A new life
In my soul
And find that I know how to let you go
You go

Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow i'll pretend to
Wake and put it all behind me
And find that I know how to let you go

you said before that you wish someone will come into your life and you will find yourself in the arms of someone who will give herself selflessly..
Wherever you just here

Monday, March 20, 2017

lyrics to express :(

tell me her name i want to know
the way she looks and where you go
i need to see her face 
i need to understand
why you and i came to an end...

you are the one that ive been waiting for
my whole life through
you are the one that been looking for
and now that i found you

just say youll never go
take me wherever you go
i want to learn the things that you know
now that you made me believe
i want you to take me

until then all i have is just a memory of you 
that i can hold on to
until then..

if ever youre in my arms again
this time ill love you much better
the best of romances deserve second chances

when you  gathered your courage to yell his name and ask hin im he will go home  already? 
you are brave. we dont stop being brave.
you are courageous. i just loved.  i prayed.

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016:a roundabout ;)

and we're on it.. another blog entry to wrap up 2016 =)

I just got home from my tupad and like i promised myself a while ago while contemplating on some things, i will write my last blog entry for 2016.

If i will describe 2016 in a is a roundabout.(not simple, complicated, merry go round haha)

a mixture of never-imagined courageous actions and a misery of tangled emotions.A year of challenges and opportunities, a year of going beyond the box! a year that improved my english? haha a year of big travels, a year of enormous blessings and up to the last day.. a year i can say i chose to be better. =)

This year is about going the mom went to HK to work, i endured the strenuous demands of finishing my thesis and undergoing the defense again for the second time around. I faced defeat and fear but when i prayed, i felt God's love that at the end of a tiring day, there He is waiting for His child to come to Him and tell how her day was.

2016, a year of travels..Laiya, Calaguas, Cebu, Palawan, Tagaytay, Boracay...a slow clap...i made it and i am gearing up for more..;) im FEU MAN graduate na, that Borland project ;) my keyboard;).. hold on there my dear reader..=)

A year of limitless blessings...yung nilalakad mo nalang yung kapilya? a blessing beyond compare. add to that my inc choir duty...#teamPalmera #teamAdobo =) my priority, my happiness, my source of inspiration and church duty =)

Lessons learned:
Life is tough, and when life puts you down, gather your courage and show life that sometimes fate has to accept its defeat.. that nothing is are capable of doing things you can imagine. Always remember your parents who were always and will always be there for you when nobody else does. Your dad who wants nothing but the best for you. Who wants to see you go beyond your capabilities because your dad is confident he raised you to excel.. your mom who will have her heart broken if she sees you crying over stupid things and emotions you created yourself. Your mom an angel you have everyday of your life that sometimes you fail to even say thank you for treating you like the most vulnerable person, your mom who would give you even her food jut to satisfy your shallow desires. your mom who is willing to follow your orders just to make things easier for you. your mom who is willing to be apart from you just to give you a better future, a person you fail to hug..when at most times you hug your friends. Your family that you forgot, your siblings waiting for you to come home, who asks your location everytime you go home late because they care for you. they genuinely care for you.
Love. Love bravely.Show your genuine concern. Love yourself.
Pray. Pray for a heart willing to wait. A heart that sees beyond imperfections. A heart that chooses to be there and stay when nobody else will.
Live. Fulfill your aspirations. Live happily.

Thank you 2016.
a sweet kiss for you.

cheers to #amazingSurprising2017!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

fine fresh fierce

oh blogsite.. i missed you a lot. it has been a whirlwind and a total roundabout of scenario  but thanks be to God i am still here, fine, fresh, fierce ;)

i am totally wrecked of all the challenging things ive been through.
I am still fine from all worries i had some of them i created in my ownself. Expectations i swirled from my thoughts that i was constantly insisting to happen in reality. Reality means experiencing how truth hurts-- and it is fine because it only shows how greatly you loved. I am fine despite the crushing feelings of asking myself what i did wrong and seeking my self worth amidst terrible emotions of being doubtful of my importance.

I am fine because i prayed. I am fine because of my family and friends. I am fine because i was able to experience such great emotion that led me to answer my own question why i love someone. I am fine because love never gives up. I am fine because i still believed when everyone does not. I am fine because of certainity in God's love.

if you can think of it, you can do it..
Nothing is impossible if you permit it- ENT :)
oh such courage to step up and grow.
I can even imagine that i am doing things i was just dreaming of in the past years..
I feel fresh to start it all over again :)

I have not seen myself angry.
But i am fierce to fulfill my church duty. I am fierce for my family, for those who appreciate me and made me feel that i am worthy. I am fierce to still understand and give extreme chance to someone who deserves it.

I am fierce to purse my dreams. To pray for someone worth having and waiting for..
and before 2016 ends.. i will be fiercer for myself so that there will be no one to hurt me.  I will be fiercer to stand up and pray for love :)

i am so happy to read my past entries and realise how ive gone from where i belonged.
I am fierce and ready for the future ahead.. :)