Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you 2015! :)

Just a few hours away we will bid goodbye to 2015.. oh Sepanx! haha
i cant help but to be a little emotional because 2015 has been really a great year! there were so many blessings in life that i received and the best part of it was spending it with the people close to my heart..

this entry would just be a wrap up of 2015 and here it goes:
January was a blessed month- EVM pastoral visit at Mt Heights was just one of a kind experience. He allowed me to be there. promise.
February- a lovely month :) a perfect month haha Vietnam travel haha!
March- April affair haha read my blog entry
May- Viva Vigan adventure :)
June- oh Haler Baler! surfing check!
July- 101 INC anniversary :) #fightForFaith
August- Wakeboarding haha! #onewithEVM
September- happy happy birthday ;p
October- a tough month defense, struggles and tests of faith.. that Philippine Arena experience watching Felix Manalo was amazing! and the rest will be history.. ;)
November- oh who can forget #meantToBeBicol adventure with team sulit :) i so love it :)
December- defense check! goal met.. blessed month for team sulit friends :)

and that's it, my happy 2015.. the year end thanksgiving songs was just appropriate
"Through bitter persecution and adversity,
Never did You leave me in misery.
When I cried for help You answered with miracles.
Because of You, all things are possible."

2015 was a very blessed and beautiful year, though its hard to let it go, i will continue to trust God for His plans and ways are if not better, the best :)

It meant being happy and being strong for people who look up to me and believed in me, this year my heart felt gladness and i am thankful for everything that happened, no regrets. :)
Thank you 2015! tight hug...:) i will always cherish and look back to the good things thank you!!

hello 2016.. #wiser #moreMeaningful #reachingOut #bigtravels2016 #HopingPrayingPatientlyWaiting :) :) #INCforever Glory to God.. salamat po Ama :)

Monday, November 30, 2015

#meantToBeBicol: teamsulit conquers Legazpi

and this is it, the blog entry that will complete our travel adventures.. this trip is so special for many reasons and i may not be able to list them all but i tell you it was a #meantToBeBicol trip ;)

let's get it on! :)

walang makakapigil..haha
During the APEC when almost the most powerful leaders will come to the Philippines and will land at NAIA on Nov 17-19, thanks God our flight was not cancelled, just 2 flights left going to Legazpi that morning of Wednesday :)

From once in a bluemoon experience in the ER, :) beautiful experience haha
we headed to NAIA terminal 3 and waited over night just to make sure we will not be left and to make necessary changes for our travel, no hassle :) good thing we were able to check in through web and printed our boarding passes to lessen the stress in the airport..

1st day.. ZzzZzz day
Because most of us were from duty that day, when we arrived at Legazpi airport, everyone was yawning already. we tasted the Sili ice cream and as expected, it was spicy but something new to taste   :) the weather was unpredictable when we arrived at Legazpi. but..the energy was still there haha
after putting our things at hotel, we looked for a kapilya :) :) then... in the afternoon, it was the best day ever haha

ATV ride.. they say, it is the highlight of the trip to Legazpi. i tell you, it was. ;) =) haha
the motorcycle raging through the trail was not an easy thing to conquer, its hard to drive in the middle of the trail through the watery swamps haha but thanks to Dave who drove the atv..atv tayo ulit haha ;p

2nd day: Matnog island hopping super
check! :)
it was my first time to ride a boat that long, but seeing the white sand beaches was beyond words :) plus the fact that i got to enjoy the boat ride with the team, we had fun from sun up to sun down :)
the encounter with fishes at Juag fish sanitarium was a privilege.. haha thanks to sir jayrick and as i promised to state in my blog that if tourists want to have interaction with the fishes, (not all visitors were allowed) contact first the owner of the lagoon to make a prior schedule :)
It was so nice to see a starfish for the first time and i also saw Nemo haha.. ;) lovely underwater experience :)

3rd day: Cagsawa ruins, falls and the night party haha
the Cagsawa ruins seems a beautiful picture for me not until i was able to see it for real :)
we were able to eat Pinangat and taste coconut and sili haha
the falls was not so clear when we went and it was creepy finding out that we were only the ones left there in the place. not even the caretakers gave us information that they will leave the place..
Bbq party at sir Padi's house.. sarap! :) the dinner, music, laughter, stories and bonding was priceless :) memorable experience :)

this Bicol trip will not be like this if it wasn't because of sir Jayrick haha thanks sir Padi (pare)
and thank you po Volta! :) we learned many lessons and it was so worth remembering.. again i was able to spend it with the people whom i want to share my special moments with :)
Thanks God for a safe travel, for a great company and for the guidance in all our travels.. more to come! :) #teamsulitTravels

it was a meant to be Bicol trip because despite the challenges, we can say we saw the Mayon volcano for real :) it may be simple but seeing my friends happy makes me happy too :) may forever sa Bicol haha ;) :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thankful no matter what :)

wow! good thing i can also write blog entry through my phone, :)
all i can say right now is thanks be to God :)

this blog entry is so special it will be about the things that made me happy lately :)

The CSC fun run was really fun..sweating out a bit and running made me stronger, exercise and healthy living is really the foremost priority of an individual if he wants to stay fit and enjoy life.
thanks to sir mark barican, for that urban run.. haha in search for an atm in the heart of the metro.. food trip with teamsulit haha! the best XD

goal met..i saw Dave happy. even it was just the day before his birthday.. just let the pictures speak.. :) a picture cake that turned into reality.. thanks dazzle! :) im thankful for the people who can turn your ideas into reality :) the piano cake was so beautiful.. :)

Felix Manalo movie at the Philippine Arena :)
superb experience. amazing. inspiring.
if i will be given the chance to say how i felt after i watched this movie, i would say it in this short concise statement: i am thankful i am member of INC.
truly FYM is a blessing from God. After watching the movie, i can say to myself that if i will encounter struggles and problems in life, i am will be braver because these are incomparable to those things experienced by the brethren from the times that INC was just starting. I am so blessed i got to spend the movie experience with Dave, i couldnt imagine spending it with someone else as appropriate. He is the perfect companion while watching FYM.. :) It was an awesome instance, things just fell into place :) thanks also to my dad :) It was a night to remember :)

Defense day XD
i am expecting for the worse to happen. i am so down and consumed. But looking into the bright side of it, hard is what makes it great. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I am always praying that may God give me intelligence and perseverance as i finish this task. I know in time it will be worth it. I have to learn it the hard way because its not just as easy as like that, and i have to understand all the concepts. Second chances are not always given, i promise not to ruin it.. i am still thankful because of the people around me who turns out to be life's blessings. My family and friends are my inspirations. :) They make the endurance a bit easier..

Life goes on.. success does not come to us, we should find and meet it. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

#BaricanKindness =)

and because its a long weekend and im here doing OPD report.. i felt the need to update my blog site..haha i dedicate this blog entry to sir mark barican for his #BaricanKindness
read on so you'll know ;p

From the Baler Surfing adventure, many adventures happened. I grabbed my phone and looked back from the photos and all i can say is... let's get it on..=)

Imagine from the 75th anniversary closing ceremonies which gave me busy days checking on the souvenir program and that snap-of-a finger 5 year development plan task given by our Assistant Chief Nurse.. what a whirlwind of tasks to do.. I felt privileged to be part of the 75th year support staff..where will i be during the 100th anniversary of DJNRMH? =)

with Doc Jav =)
this time during the N1 examination and deliberation, i felt human. it broke my heart. i felt a little less my worth because of things i have to do, things out of my values. period. =( i love my friends. it breaks my heart to see them sad.

101 INC Anniversary..=)
"in times of tests however grave, we wont be moved, our hope will prove"..1 year na akong mang aawit =)

Definitely, this rare chance of being at the Philippine Arena for the 101st anniversary is truly a blessing from God. I was with my cousins and tita Lhot, even though we were just outside the stadium, the feeling was priceless.. a sad notice happened when my cousin experienced vehicular accident while the event at Arena was on going..

It gave me the perspective that family will always be family. Prayers are powerful at this very moment because when i saw my cousin that time, i felt frightened. It felt sad to see him weak with all the contraptions he had. But God is really a loving God. right now, my cousin takes his recovery at my Lola's house in Cabanatuan. =)

Hospital Week 2015! =) -feeling happier at Marikina Sports Complex =) =)
Hi Five activities and DOH Programs and Kiosk..haha

#its Official..N2 na ako..=) ive always said that this instance of my life is from the kindness of God and its truly #biyayaNgTungkulin =) more blessings to share =)

and syempre hindi pwedeng mawala...#longweekend travel..!!haha
oh August..thanks for your long weekend, we went Wakeboarding while raining! cool! =)
thanks to sir Mark Barican..haha for your #BaricanKindness haha i thank u sir mark...hehe
rest mode on while it was raining so hard..we were laughing out loud and it was just so happy to rest and spend the gloomy days with your friends with good food and great company..hahaha!!

That is what you mean when you mean staycation at Tagaytay...Starbucks sa Tagaytay next ha =) yey!=)

Better things and more blessing are yet to come for sir mark JO JO JO yeah! and for all of us for God's perfect timing is perfect. =)

Familia Miramonte haha at Tagaytay =) =)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

#HalerBaler adventure =)

woohoo! And because the notifications seems to add up a bit more for our #HalerBaler experience..
a blog entry would be the perfect partner of the pictures and comments at FB haha..

ready? =)

It was planned like a month ago during our visit at Vigan, and time flies fast..haha
never mind the late hours of waiting for everybody to be ready because all the travel time and kulitan was so complimentary to everything that happened..haha

We arrived at Cabanatuan to take some nap and eat eat eat. thanks to my mom and tita Lee for the biko and tibok tibok =) and for the delicious breakfast =)

The road trip was far from what i was expecting, worse that Baguio road i guess, a bit challenging for ate mimi (aka Mirlat- by ate fleur) hahaha! the turns was like 360 degree turn..

We first visited the Balite Tree and saw how James Lucas blended into Mother Nature..haha peace james!=) then we went to see Ditumabo Mother falls

The tricycle ride and the walking to see the falls was not so exhausting at all.. maliit na bagay haha! There were different species of butterflies, dragonflies and plants..the cool water falls and rocks made the trek perfectly for the line "its worth it" ang ganda ng falls pati water ang lamig =)

Then we went to Caunayan falls, smaller than Mother falls..
Its really not the destination at all because we still manage to enjoy the clear waters and even made a rock wall that served as a "mini jacuzzi" for all of us hahaha cold jacuzzi at that time =)

The Dinner..ang gabing hindi malilimutan..thanks to sir  teng (waiter at Bay-Ler Restaurant) if he wasn't like that maybe..hindi ko alam ilan na inaway namin dahil sa food starving namin haha

The Sabang beach is one of the few beaches that one can see Sunrise at the beach because its facing east.. and we saw the beautiful sun that morning..=) #morningperson

The highlight of the trip was..

haha!! once again, taking risks was worth it..going out of our comfort zone to experience new things should be decided with a "yes!!!" ang saya mag surf.. =) definitely worth a second try =) and more to come hahaha

And that's it..the Baler experience with the group who made me laugh to the max and reminds me that we should travel while we are young, explore places, make memories, cherish friendship and always give it back to God. No matter where i may be for the whole week..pag Linggo, nasa pagtupad tayo =)

#LaFamiliaMiramonte #teamsulit #kuyaTeng #Mirlat #PeanutbutterNextTym #SurfpaMore

till the next travel adventure =)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Viva Vigan and Up North adventures =)

Viva Vigan Vintage Experience..check!! =)

Another adventurous and lovely weekend.. though we spent almost half of our trip travelling, and as they say its not the destination, but the how you get there, it was not like that for us.. the travel time and destinations were both enjoyed..=)
ready to read it?haha here it goes..

Thursday night and the OPD report was done..akalain mo pag may lakad ang bilis natapos hahaha! #accomplished hehe

We arrived at Vigan at around 7am and we ate Sinanglaw at the Vigan Plaza then we went to Mam Eli's place, to freshen up and eat again hahaha!

Province atmosphere was astonishing and the most remarkable thing to note is the hospitality of the people to visitors..ang sarap ng native foods! =)

Then we went to Baluarte..actually it was my second time to visit Vigan. First was during our completion duty 5 years ago, a lot has improved and more visitors/ tourists are now visiting Vigan =)

After that, we went to Hidden Garden and discovered what was hidden..haha

#CalleCrisologo..Vintage moment only in Vigan =)

The dancing fountain was beautiful..=) perfect to end the day with a refreshing hilamos of the water hahaha! then we ate the prepared buffet food at Mam Eli's place..The seafoods are so fresh, and the pinakbet with bagnet is a staple food that is so mouthwatering! yum yum burp..=)

A happy maingay masaya sleep over at Ate Fle's place..(^_^)

Up North travel adventure! =)
For our second day, we went to Paoay Church, ate Bagnet, Pinakbet and Chicaron Pizza at Herencia's, visited Malacanang of the North and the highlight of the trip for me was....


OMG..sometimes you have to take risks to feel the rush..hahaha literally..i never imagined i could do Sand Surfing and  ride into that 4x4 jeep to experience that one-of-a-kind thrilling adventure!

hahaha! the sand was so hot we did the activity at 1PM as in tanghaling tapat!!haha
The best part of it was spending it with the people whom i still i want to share my best moments with..=)

and though i may just be the one in the group who believes that #forever exists, i will still enjoy their company and their laughtrips, green jokes to the maxxxx hahaha and specially the friendship that will last forever..=)

I was not able to see the Bangui windmills and Pagudpud beach..but well, i am excited to see it sometime on a better timing i guess..=)

Gladly, i was able to attend to my church duty the following day, that was the best decision i made, #FightForFaith =) with all the blessings and happiness i had, it is just rightly to give it all back to Him ;)

Thanks God for such a wonderful experience, another #moretravel to come!=)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

that March-April affair haha ;)

oh blogsite..forgive me for late entries..hahaha
Anyway, i missed one entry last month but i tell you, it was a super happy #morning month =)

So where did my stories or adventures ended??

#Vietnam experience

Team frozen! This was my first international travel and i was really excited to ride an airplane and go outside the country. The most memorable thing that happened during the trip was the boat ride at TamCoc. It was when i realized how hard it is to earn money, and appreciate the serene beauty of nature and the silence that we need to appreciate the sound of life that we have..

In Vietnam, i was a bit half-hearted because at that time we were doing some things in the hospital and i was thinking about my defense.. Vacation time can be enjoyed better if you give yourself quality time to relax and slow down a bit..

Vietnamese food was good..specially the rice! =) It also tastes like Filipino food but their condiments make the difference.

#Defense Day

Thanks God.. He listens to my prayer, it may not be the way i wanted it to be, but it was better =)
The panel was so mabait, they gave me a second chance.. This was really a great lesson that i want to share..

Pray hard, Do good, Hope for the best.. and when life gives you a second chance, dont ruin it. Instead, prove that you a worth giving that second time around..

Last sem to go!! =)

#Last Supper 2015
"I can afford to lose all i have, but not your unfailing love.."
Truly, in all moments, God's concern and love to His children is unfailing and immeasurable.
I was so tired from the charity work at Pangasinan and it was really a matter of extending help to lesser fortunate but at the same time, putting my life on the line..for the big event that will happen the coming day--Sta Cena 2015..

My prayer that moment is for the church brethen to feel what i was feeling during the processional walk..that they may hear my voice and feel that energy they are longing for..another prayer is that i may successfully reach my place while singing the song..He again listened to my prayer and guided me all the way..
To wrap all things that happened last March, a frappe! haha #freecoupons #BeatTheHeat

#Santorini Experience #BreakAway #SummerLove2015

This April it started with late moments with good friends haha..pagbigyan na ako =)
but..The trip at Batangas-Tagaytay with the #boss Mark Barican was an ultimate get away!!!!

ONE OF THE BEST WEEKENDS EVER! =) Let the pictures tell their stories haha. Nag enjoy ako sobra..=) because im with the group of people whom i want to spend my happiest moments with =)

From the cool wind at Tagaytay, walang-tulugan kwentuhan, panalo!=)

I fell inlove with the beach scenery at Batangas..It was a quiet place with peaceful surroundings..Not so strong winds, birds chirping, sound of waves and happy bonding with friends, beautiful shoreline and near-white sand coastline..oh i forgot to mention food by Ate Fle =) buti sumama si Dave ^_^

Let yourself be surprised =) drop the expectations and #trustGod =) He has better plans =)

until the next travel/adventure/moment..haha
#moretravel #morelove #morehappiness this 2015!=)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

faith,love and hope

oh February...
Although the start of this month was out of the good things i am hoping for and moments i was not expecting to happen, all i can say is life goes on..

Sadly, i lost all my identification cards and other stuff on the day i have to finish our OPD report and prepare things for the Hospital Strategic Planning to be held at Subic..

Challenged but i still have to compose myself as support staff during the Strat plan, however these are some insights during the seminar:

Lesson behind the Broken Square:
This was the first activity that the participants did and the lessons were:

1. Give and Let Go..haha (honestly!) because the pieces of square were given to each member and the have to share the pieces to make the squares.
2. You dont have to be the first at all time.
Each has a chance to fix and complete the puzzle they have ...^^,

Empower each end-user
End-users refers to the rank and file employees of the hospital. They should be well-informed about the processes and be responsible of their tasks and responsibilities.

The power of Planning
The way to achieve success is through careful planning.. During the whole seminar, the words strategy, leadership, planning and success were used all through out.. kidding aside i said to myself, "pag hindi ko pa na plano ang buhay ko nito..hahaha!"  The lessons were priceless not to mention the way the speakers explained the topics..


Second part of my blog entry..=)

Yesterday, i experienced a blessing..(an encounter with our District church leader)
i would just like to share and remind everyone how powerful God's love to each of us, we have prayers but God has better plans.. at many times we focus on "I" and "My" however, we should trust God's interventions and strengthen our faith.

Let us be reminded that God is in control no matter what happens and i remembered a thought i always say to myself during my college days.."He wakes up before the ship sinks"

another thought about hope..
Hoping is still believing when everything else is hopeless..=) =)
Let go and let God..=)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 overture =)

=something that is offered or suggested with the hope that it will start a relationship, or lead to an agreement, the beginning of something =) aha!=) =)

as i finish reading related literature for my thesis, i cant help but to make my first blog entry this 2015, before the 5-day post holiday ends because of #papalvisit =), i am writing my blog entry tonight..

#more love #more travel this 2015!=)
this year, i will finish my thesis and wait for my MAN graduation next year!! (that's the spirit!!)haha

i still believe that setting your goals is a way to prepare and plan for the things that you would like to accomplish this year, =)
2014 was a year full of blessings, i never imagined that i was able to be a choir member and do the first processional last year, which really is beyond words to explain..=)  UST voucher, Clinical Residency duties and INC centennial were the highlights of 2014..

moving on from that throwback, i started my 2015 with my family, relatives and friends...the priceless moments with them and the good moments we shared is incomparable.. ^^,

my bucket list this 2015:
1. Vietnam trip
2. My 25th birthday haha =)
3. Vigan trip

surprises to come nalang ang iba =)

sometimes, we must not limit ourselves with the things that we know, for what we think, we can achieve..let God surprise you..=)

Blessed 2015 ahead..=)