Saturday, September 7, 2013

a beautiful day..=)


This day, me and my co-reporter Sir Lord Charles Campo reported Acute Glomerulonephritis in our Pathophysiology class at FEU..We had to report first because the first group was not yet ready.

I wrote this entry because of that feeling between happiness and being blessed. 
It adds up to my few realizations this past days and one day, when  i will read this entry again, it would remind me of those delightful experiences along the way..=)

The report went well, thanks to sir charles, he is the one who really made a greater effort on our report, he was able to answer the questions asked by our classmates and mam yang.. even with busy schedules in their hospital, he managed to give a lot of time for our report..
I think we made a great team because we both collaborated and prepared for the task, we enjoyed sharing things specially that he also studied in SLU in Baguio. Who doesn't want to reminisce things that happened in Baguio? haha (college days and nursing duties..)

Today, it made me realize that oftentimes, you have to surround yourself with people smarter than you, for it makes you inspired to do things better. Also, its very nice to feel that God allows you to be surrounded by people who would help and guide you along the way..In whatever place or scenario you maybe, enjoy every part of it, express and do what you are ought to do. We only pass once on a certain instance in our lives, do the thing that matters so you won't regret in the future..

In my readings about "finding yourself" i was moved by this phrase, "You either feel it or you don't; none is better than any other. When you find something that zaps you out of bed in the morning, cling onto it. You'll only bloom from there." 
 When you feel the passion inside you,do the good things that inspire you, as for me, i would like to express how i appreciate good things that happen in my life, all the opportunities that leads to my growth, and the tasks which makes me wanting to learn more..

                                                  report well done..=)

It's been a very good report,thanks again to charles..
not a perfect day but a beautiful one..=)  

Godbless reader!=)