Sunday, May 11, 2014

Certain moments..

hi blogsite! hi readers!=)

i feel so blessed and i cant contain it that is why i would like to share some good unexpected things that happened recently... =)
have u ever asked yourself why u are at a certain place at a certain moment?

I was scheduled to attend the ISO training last Wednesday however, it was Well baby clinic during that day. I received a call from mam marsha following up something about a request for a medical certificate by a mother of a patient that received immunization last 2008.

2008???? nag ISO na ang lahat, nailigpit at naiayos na ang logbooks at records 2011-2013 lang haha that was my initial reaction that i said to myself..

I called our Pedia dept head, and our EPI coordinator during those years way way back throwback..=p
the patient did not have the hospital id and was already lost as claimed by the mother.

I and our NA mam ann, looked for old logbooks and talked to the medical records officer on how to resolve the query. We found an old logbook and the name was not there. i cannot find it.

I asked the mother if she could help me read the writing and look for the name of her baby at the list. Mam iba po yung pangalan nya nun, ito po andito po..

Unexpectedly, she told me,"nurse po ako sa Riyadh flight na po namin ng baby ko sa Friday itong document nalang po na ito ang kulang, bumalik po ako dito sa Pilipinas para sunduin ko siya. Thank you po natulungan nyo po kami"

I felt amused, but i replied to her, "mam thankful po ako natulungan ko kayo, at nandito po ako sa clinic ngayon, may training po kami today natutuwa po ako, natulungan ko kayo".

I am not being righteous, but what i want to impart is the idea that we should
treasure the time we are at a certain place in a certain time. because everything happens for a reason I can say, if i was not there, maybe the record will not be found. But we are at a perfect moment to be a blessing to others...

I was blessed too... because i felt delighted to change a life of someone or to make something easier for someone.

I am experiencing blessings that makes me happy.. Let us always be reminded to put God first in everything that we do. Spread good things and continue to inspire others =)