Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: making it happen...=)

Happy new year to all!!!

as i promised that before we turn our calendars or put them away, and welcome 2013.. i would make my last entry for this year..

Here i am, at home from hospital, not from duty but something more than that. my mom is sick but she is recovering right now.. a tough and challenging situation for us, thanks for the prayers..

2012 is all about a year making things happen.. from ER  duty during the early months of this year, to the paperworks being assigned at Nursing Office, to the N1 application and interview,   the ever challenging so worth it Hospital Week, being employed as Contractual Nurse in MNCHN, enrolling my Masters at FEU, all the way to organizing the Graduation and Send off party of RN Heals Batch II...

Godbless us all.. take care and have a good health always...=)

Thank you 2012!!! welcome 2013!=)
bye for now.. gotta go.. keep safe!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

extra challenge:a level app..=)

how's it going??

as for me, i could compare my life in the most recent a smarphone..=)
why? for me, my everyday routine is having a level app..(level up)haha
i missed writing blogs that is why i would tell you my dear reader why and what are the reasons why i said it so.

from the last time i wrote an entry, it was still the hospital week fever that i was telling.. The things that happened after that was about...still Hospital week accounting!=) the keeping and recording of the RIS and the receipts was something that i did not imagine i could do.. because at many times when i was still younger haha.. its not an issue whether i have many coins or paper bills im ok even if i have no money basta i have my baon and my service to pick me up until highschool., and i tend to forget many things about money matters, but during this Hospital Week, we were able to account for the things that has been used and fix, keep and record the receipts for the month-long activity.

the MNCHN thing..=) working as a contractual nurse in the program was really a one step-up from being a volunteer at our hospital, the Shining Tala. i learned the things that should be done especially at the Pedia Clinic,where I was able to see the importance and connection of Maternal and Pediatric Care. Naiiwan na ako mag isa pag Immunization day..=) but, mas madali ang work pag may kasama ka.. And what i like during Wednesdays is that i have a chance to teach other nurse volunteers about vaccines and the EPI program.
Trainings..trainings..strat!! it was my first time to attend such planning and at that day, i found my self having a mind was like a blank cd, i was amazed at how Mam Malou, Sir Sam, Mam Cita and the other staff expressed their thoughts and ideas to come up with an Operational Plan for the MNCHN Program. the second time i attended a similar planning, i came up with little ideas and was able to put some metacards on the wall...=)haha

 (from the Opening Remarks of dean Salustiano last November 17, 2012)

Certified Tamaraw!!=) yes! i am putting into reality my one goal from my 3-year plan project that we did before we graduate..=) I enrolled at the Masters Program of FEU..take note..masters (there's no such word daw as masteral accdg to my prof, Ms. yang)=)=)

i felt really excited to go back to school and to conquer the roads of the Metro..Thanks to my ever helpful workmate,gadget consultant and classmate, Joseph Repontente for without him, i think i was not able to know the important things that i should know..really. baka nawala na ako sa FEU at sa Morayta. Kahit mabilis sya maglakad, or mabagal lang ako..haha the usual week wolud go having duty at the OPD and during Thursday we have our Clinical Teaching class with Dr. Anabelle Borromeo, the Chief Nurse of SLMC. an inspiring class and a motivating teacher.. during Saturdays, MS with mam Yang, and the ever full of question markssss (for me) haha..our research class..seryosohang research na, i have to cope up and make an effort to understand the things and terminologies in our class..

As 2012 comes to closing... i would like to still enjoy the coming busy days... i  am preparing for a party for the outgoing RN Heals in our hospital, i am challenged and i would like to see my "organizing" skills would make the ceremony a memorable one!!

So blessed...choose what your heart tells you, not because you have to do it, but because you want to..=)

Monday, September 10, 2012

cheers to Tala!!=)

September na??=)

and im right here, believing that this is the best time to write an entry to my blogsite.. from my last post dated July, this entry would contain learnings from the event that happened last month...the hospital week celebration 2012.. the pictures were already uploaded at social media sites but this entry would tell you the behind the scenes happenings and ideas that made the event i can say--- a success.

the first proposal of activities was made at the month of May, and two following months (June and July) were the most busiest time of my life..hahaha but i was wrong, the supposedly week-long activity was held for the month of August. I never imagined that i could do things and i have to do great things during the hospital week celebration!

We went to different hospitals to attend meetings and during those, the checklist should have: attendance, updates, and dont forget the whiteboard...=) I have met many personalities from different walks of staffs, Medical director, Admin Officers, security personnel, maintenance staff, event organizers, i talked to many people from someone i dont know, to the secretary of Secretary Ona. got it??=) i thought of using (the secretary's secretary) the title of this blog but i thought of a better title instead..ill mention it later, anyway, along the event preparation, ive listed some important things that ive learned..
1. document- dont rely on your memory, some things are really hard to remember..=)
2. less talk, less worries- some people may "quote" you and misunderstand you
3. prioritize
4. think then act to solve problems- solving problems does not end in finding solutions, but doing actions
5. do it yourself- sometimes, you can delegate tasks to others but you are the one responsible when a problem can delegate responsibility but not accountability.
6. Always ask permission- no need to explain..=)
7. its not the matter of relationship--did i got it right??
8. pro lets it go, move on- in work settings, being professional is being professional we have to let go of the out the problem and move on, there are important things to do..
9. Important things are the learned hard way- para maalala ito ng bongga period.
10. learn early, less mistakes- (sighs.......)
11. Achieving your intention must justify the action
12. ENJOY- the most important thing along the way!!
13. when you are experiencing difficulties, think like you are an arrow, dragged to be launched successfully.
14. we are committed to work, not to people-- from sir sam.=)
15. if u cant overcome problems, undercome them..walang problemang walang solusyon
16. respect begets respect
17. friends pull you up when you are down..thanks to sir Eric, sir lucky, mam isan, mam jaime, mam glo, Sir Sam..=)
18. Smile and be happy the best things are yet to come..yehey!!! may work na ako..=)

the balloon during the first day was used by a debutant before the event and i cant forget what sir Joel said to the celebrant "i donate nyo na lang po kay St. Lazarus yung balloons, feast celebration po kasi nya"..haha first day done! Mam chic just texted me that they cant come due to rainy weather that day, but at around &am, she texted me they are on their way to DOH.=) before i forget, information cascade happened as requested by Sec Ona, all the preparations at San Lazaro has to be moved at the Convention Hall...omg dr. egay calling me, omg..haha
during the supposedly second day activity, i woke up before 3am and was instructed that the hospital sportsfest activity has been postponed..hems opcen???
third day, research forum also cancelled..
fourth day, may oras pa ba? meron pa sir!
cancelled din ang fifth day....

the picture frame,bouquet, certificates, up to the post evaluation and the video created by sir Joseph, this is what i say----if it will take 20 years for these things to happen again, all the hard work and experience is worth worth it.. i would like to thank mam cita and sir sam, for without them i would not be part of the momentous event, to dr. javillonar for those little recognitions that mean a lot to me..=)

it is my pleasure to make little things possible for the celebration of the National Hospital Week celebration 2012.=)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

the importance of sharing


it was five minutes before five o'clock when i was about to go home and my last task is to just leave an envelope containing the message of thanks from DJNRMH to the PCMC for the NICU/PICU training of mam Ana Lagana and Mam Ethel Franco, when the volunteer nurses i met at the Male Medical Ward was having their pre-duty at the area. It was their first time of exposure in the ward because they had their first duty at the OPD. Being assigned at the Nursing Office, they know my name and asked me the questions i also asked ten months ago when i also had my first exposure at the ward area..

at that instance, i wanted to make a difference.

when it was my time that i asked those questions, i wasnt given a justifiable answer i can say. I can still remember, i was asking help to use the suction machine however, (i think) my NOD got upset instead..haha
So at that moment, i explained to them the things i know and what are the important things to do in that area. Someone asked me how to make a medication card and how to use it, and when it is done or who does that small rectangular pink cartolina card. I even accompanied them to give the medication and how to properly give such medications. I am not being righteous but at that instance i realized the importance of sharing...

Sharing may mean a lot of things..
sharing and giving may even be used interchangeably.

we give coins to beggars..
we give used clothes to typhoon-stricken individuals..
usually, we give things that had been used up by us..

but when we share, we divide important things and share it to somebody who might need it.
we share our golden time..
we share experiences,tears, learnings..
we share smiles...=)
we should share our knowledge.

When knowledge is shared, i foresee that you really dont have to direct other people to work, but when they know what to do, they would do things on their own and move without being told to do so. When you share experiences and those learnings made them inspired, they would make things better because mistakes would be lessened. That is the importance of sharing. Forget selfishness. Share what you know and continue learning..=)

and one of the most important thing you should share??is the sweetness of a smile..Smile to a person and greet him/her with a smile, and smile would be given back to you.. with that you would lift their feeling if they feel sad. make others happy..=) spread smiles!=)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how a child with microcephaly said his thanks..=)

seems that i was not able to write blog entries for quite some time,..
anyway, today is just an ordinary day, nothing so special and just a quick mindset that i have to lengthen my patience for 2 months is about to set in my mind..

yah, im assigned at the nursing office for two months and its not that easy i could say.. its challenging but im looking to the positive side that i will still learn something out of this experience.
i felt more inspired having the privilege to work with our chief nurse and the supervisors of the hospital however, the task entails a bigger responsibility and proper work attitude.

in my stay for less than two weeks, i wont give up..cheer up!!!=)

i was able to help during the two day operation bingot with mam kat and the experience is awesome. nakakapagod pero fulfilling.. a patient with microcephaly who cant speak normally was able to say thank you to all of us after his operation. superb experience., english ng kinalabit??haha then he did "thumbs up" and noded his head. and i know it was a thank you..=)

pagod pero may dahilan, i remember what sir sam said masarap magpahinga ng may dahilan, at pag napagod ka, pahinga lang ang katapat nyan..=) inspiring really..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

simple and happy bday

it takes 2-2 tango...!22 haha
cheers to life!

Thanks God for the people around me, my family, friends, the places ive been to, where am i right now and for everything that made me realized how blessed am i.

more years to conquer..Happy birthday to me, more blessings to come!=)

Monday, February 6, 2012

a lesson learned

hello world...hello February...=)

the past days, i was so busy and was not able to write entries..

Pedia ward goodbye! (for now)haha- the duty at Pedia ward is over, but if given the chance to rotate there again, i will go for another duty at that area because i learned so many things during my rotation there, and i can say 1 month is not enough..bait ng mga NODs at RN heals sa Pedia!!!=) like like!

Pre duty101- Oh next area will be at ER-- Emergency Room-- the frontline place of a Hospital, its where it starts and its a fast-paced area of the Hospital where competent staffs and Medical personnel do collaboration to save a person experiencing a life-threatening situation.
I was deeply saddened before my duty at ER, i learned an important lesson from our chief nurse during our meeting before our rotation.that is....

OBEDIENCE-- we were required to have a 16-hour pre duty before the actual duty at ER for us to feel the scenario, to know where equipments and supplies are placed, to be familiar of what is happening at different areas in the ER, not to forget the orientation to the doctors that we will meet during our stay at ER.. but, our group this month failed to comply with that 16-hour pre duty. I was able to have 13 pre duty hours, but now that im already at the ER, tama si sir Sam, kulang pa ng 16 hours. He got angry at that morning and while im sitting, i felt so sad that time, im thinking, i did not only fail him and the other persons who believe in my capabilities, but more than that i was not able to maintain that "consistency". i learned the lesson the hard way. After that, i realized he was thinking for our own good and the pre duty was not even for him,it is for us. a lesson learned, really..=)

and right now, at ER-- it is really a challenge to stay at ER, you have to stay alert, patient, observant, you should hold your temper kahit naiiyak ka na haha! im looking for more learning experiences at ER.. =)

HEMs-V orientation/evaluation-- just yesterday!! nun lang ulit ako kinabahan ng ganun!!hahaha super relieved after ng lecture activity hahaha ang saya pala pag na overcome mo yung mga bagay na akala mo hindi mo kaya, pati yung bandaging grrr..haha!! i was having second thoughts about that Hems activity, i didnt even know it was that day..OM!! sana makasama ako..=) enjoy yung activity kahapon..=)

sometimes, we have to learn lessons the hard way, for us to realize that these lessons are important. don't be afraid to try new things, for in trying we learn, and overcome our doubts..=)
it is better to try and fall, than never try it at all..=) seize the day!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

one heart one mind at pedia ward..=)

kinemfer!! haha that is the usual expression for something that you really cannot explain or express..haha

anyway, this month i was assigned at Pediatric ward of DJNRMH. So far, better.. medication computations, iv management for pedia patients is a "next level" i could say.. aside from the PICU and NICU area that is included in the ward..

I am learning new techniques and skills at pedia ward, not to forget my new friends, co-volunteers, new NODs and little patients that we have to take care of. At pedia ward, the relatives of our patients often are the ones we talk and communicate to.

the tittle of this entry is a reflection of mine during my duty at this ward. I was able to assist 2 intubation procedure of critically ill patients, it broke my heart to see them suffering like that. but during such scenario, i usually stay silent and be mindful of my actions and i just listen to what the doctor is explaining and be sensitive to assist my NODs.

At pedia ward, its not just brain and knowledge. Its more of compassion and understanding. Understanding that your patient cannot say what he is feeling, and cannot complain the pain that he is going through.

i remember someone who said that everyday, a nurse may touch someone's life, or a story of life may touch hers..

half month pa ang duty sa pedia!=)