Monday, September 10, 2012

cheers to Tala!!=)

September na??=)

and im right here, believing that this is the best time to write an entry to my blogsite.. from my last post dated July, this entry would contain learnings from the event that happened last month...the hospital week celebration 2012.. the pictures were already uploaded at social media sites but this entry would tell you the behind the scenes happenings and ideas that made the event i can say--- a success.

the first proposal of activities was made at the month of May, and two following months (June and July) were the most busiest time of my life..hahaha but i was wrong, the supposedly week-long activity was held for the month of August. I never imagined that i could do things and i have to do great things during the hospital week celebration!

We went to different hospitals to attend meetings and during those, the checklist should have: attendance, updates, and dont forget the whiteboard...=) I have met many personalities from different walks of staffs, Medical director, Admin Officers, security personnel, maintenance staff, event organizers, i talked to many people from someone i dont know, to the secretary of Secretary Ona. got it??=) i thought of using (the secretary's secretary) the title of this blog but i thought of a better title instead..ill mention it later, anyway, along the event preparation, ive listed some important things that ive learned..
1. document- dont rely on your memory, some things are really hard to remember..=)
2. less talk, less worries- some people may "quote" you and misunderstand you
3. prioritize
4. think then act to solve problems- solving problems does not end in finding solutions, but doing actions
5. do it yourself- sometimes, you can delegate tasks to others but you are the one responsible when a problem can delegate responsibility but not accountability.
6. Always ask permission- no need to explain..=)
7. its not the matter of relationship--did i got it right??
8. pro lets it go, move on- in work settings, being professional is being professional we have to let go of the out the problem and move on, there are important things to do..
9. Important things are the learned hard way- para maalala ito ng bongga period.
10. learn early, less mistakes- (sighs.......)
11. Achieving your intention must justify the action
12. ENJOY- the most important thing along the way!!
13. when you are experiencing difficulties, think like you are an arrow, dragged to be launched successfully.
14. we are committed to work, not to people-- from sir sam.=)
15. if u cant overcome problems, undercome them..walang problemang walang solusyon
16. respect begets respect
17. friends pull you up when you are down..thanks to sir Eric, sir lucky, mam isan, mam jaime, mam glo, Sir Sam..=)
18. Smile and be happy the best things are yet to come..yehey!!! may work na ako..=)

the balloon during the first day was used by a debutant before the event and i cant forget what sir Joel said to the celebrant "i donate nyo na lang po kay St. Lazarus yung balloons, feast celebration po kasi nya"..haha first day done! Mam chic just texted me that they cant come due to rainy weather that day, but at around &am, she texted me they are on their way to DOH.=) before i forget, information cascade happened as requested by Sec Ona, all the preparations at San Lazaro has to be moved at the Convention Hall...omg dr. egay calling me, omg..haha
during the supposedly second day activity, i woke up before 3am and was instructed that the hospital sportsfest activity has been postponed..hems opcen???
third day, research forum also cancelled..
fourth day, may oras pa ba? meron pa sir!
cancelled din ang fifth day....

the picture frame,bouquet, certificates, up to the post evaluation and the video created by sir Joseph, this is what i say----if it will take 20 years for these things to happen again, all the hard work and experience is worth worth it.. i would like to thank mam cita and sir sam, for without them i would not be part of the momentous event, to dr. javillonar for those little recognitions that mean a lot to me..=)

it is my pleasure to make little things possible for the celebration of the National Hospital Week celebration 2012.=)