Friday, November 1, 2013

a dream come true!=)

at first, it was only an idea...
a impossible thing to achieve...
but do you believe that dreams can come true??

my answer is yes...
it started when she dismissed us in our MS class, she went out of the door and i ran before she entered the elevator, i was so hesitant to ask to her if she could come to our hospital and deliver a lecture she already did, i also rode the elevator with her and she said, "email me"..

it's been 2 days and yet i still cannot get over it, a dream that came into reality. a dream come true.

She was the one who said that you are at some point in your life for a reason, and you meet people because of fate or just as simple as "life here on earth is intertwined"..

She graduated at my former school, SLU in Baguio, an ilocana i guess.. an intelligent researcher, math/statistics major, a patient-centered nurse who would use SMART-techniques to get to the results and meet the goals, a sought-after lecturer, a not so busy just a happy person (according to her)=), a former dean of FEU, my former professor in two different subjects, someone who gave me a "task" to think why i am the nurse of my patient in every encounter, our keynote speaker, and the one who inspired me and the one who added up to my experiences that dreams do really can come true ... Dr. Annabelle R. Borromeo.
(CV ba ito?)haha =)

Seriously, i could not let this experience pass without writing an entry about it, this is one of the highlights of 2013!=) despite of her busy schedule, she traveled a long and far way just to visit our hospital, and i was so nervous and so excited i dreamed of her and the activity 3 times yata!! adding up the pressure and the things that we have to do, the late nights and the stressful moments preparing for the event, i can truly say all of it was worth it...

I feel so blessed and teary-eyed because i was able to invite her and share to others (specially to my colleagues and superiors in tala) the inspiration she gives when she speaks.. inviting her and listening to her meant igniting the "heart" of a nurse..finding the true meaning of your actions, caring for others, doing good and most importantly, sharing what you have and inspiring others as well.

After the activity, it led me to a deeper realization of infinite possibilities, not just merely risk-taking but consideration of many options.. i am challenged of things that i would not like to regret after 10 or 20 years in my life. Positivism makes way for possibilities..=) You will not get an answer if you will not ask..=)

To Dr. Borromeo, thank you very much is my honor to be one of your student..
i think i would like to add 1 more dream to my list...that is to be like you someday or just to be like a little you would already do..=) =) =)

 -love julea