Sunday, February 15, 2015

faith,love and hope

oh February...
Although the start of this month was out of the good things i am hoping for and moments i was not expecting to happen, all i can say is life goes on..

Sadly, i lost all my identification cards and other stuff on the day i have to finish our OPD report and prepare things for the Hospital Strategic Planning to be held at Subic..

Challenged but i still have to compose myself as support staff during the Strat plan, however these are some insights during the seminar:

Lesson behind the Broken Square:
This was the first activity that the participants did and the lessons were:

1. Give and Let Go..haha (honestly!) because the pieces of square were given to each member and the have to share the pieces to make the squares.
2. You dont have to be the first at all time.
Each has a chance to fix and complete the puzzle they have ...^^,

Empower each end-user
End-users refers to the rank and file employees of the hospital. They should be well-informed about the processes and be responsible of their tasks and responsibilities.

The power of Planning
The way to achieve success is through careful planning.. During the whole seminar, the words strategy, leadership, planning and success were used all through out.. kidding aside i said to myself, "pag hindi ko pa na plano ang buhay ko nito..hahaha!"  The lessons were priceless not to mention the way the speakers explained the topics..


Second part of my blog entry..=)

Yesterday, i experienced a blessing..(an encounter with our District church leader)
i would just like to share and remind everyone how powerful God's love to each of us, we have prayers but God has better plans.. at many times we focus on "I" and "My" however, we should trust God's interventions and strengthen our faith.

Let us be reminded that God is in control no matter what happens and i remembered a thought i always say to myself during my college days.."He wakes up before the ship sinks"

another thought about hope..
Hoping is still believing when everything else is hopeless..=) =)
Let go and let God..=)