Monday, December 30, 2013

a year of blessings- thank you 2013!=)

oh 2013 thank you soooo much!!!
an awesome year indeed!

Just like the previous years, this blog entry is meant to wrap-up the things that happened in 2013..
It was a year of challenges, beat-the-deadline works, meetings and i can say, a year of bountiful blessings.. a year of achieving things and being a blessing to others.
 here comes my..
2013 top ten most memorable highlights:
1. Dental mission
2. Brigada Eskwela
3. Espana River experience
4. Phantom Limb Pain Report
5. Tree Planting Activity
6. Team Push - Case Presentation
7. Dr. Annabelle Borromeo in Tala
8. Tahanan Mapagpala Center Outreach
9. My answered prayer- N1 na ako..=) thanks God!
10. RN heals graduation

I thank God for all the blessings he bestowed upon me and my family, to my mentors and superiors who trusted me, to my very supportive family, my Friday group friends... i love you all.. cheers to 2014!!!=)

Friday, November 1, 2013

a dream come true!=)

at first, it was only an idea...
a impossible thing to achieve...
but do you believe that dreams can come true??

my answer is yes...
it started when she dismissed us in our MS class, she went out of the door and i ran before she entered the elevator, i was so hesitant to ask to her if she could come to our hospital and deliver a lecture she already did, i also rode the elevator with her and she said, "email me"..

it's been 2 days and yet i still cannot get over it, a dream that came into reality. a dream come true.

She was the one who said that you are at some point in your life for a reason, and you meet people because of fate or just as simple as "life here on earth is intertwined"..

She graduated at my former school, SLU in Baguio, an ilocana i guess.. an intelligent researcher, math/statistics major, a patient-centered nurse who would use SMART-techniques to get to the results and meet the goals, a sought-after lecturer, a not so busy just a happy person (according to her)=), a former dean of FEU, my former professor in two different subjects, someone who gave me a "task" to think why i am the nurse of my patient in every encounter, our keynote speaker, and the one who inspired me and the one who added up to my experiences that dreams do really can come true ... Dr. Annabelle R. Borromeo.
(CV ba ito?)haha =)

Seriously, i could not let this experience pass without writing an entry about it, this is one of the highlights of 2013!=) despite of her busy schedule, she traveled a long and far way just to visit our hospital, and i was so nervous and so excited i dreamed of her and the activity 3 times yata!! adding up the pressure and the things that we have to do, the late nights and the stressful moments preparing for the event, i can truly say all of it was worth it...

I feel so blessed and teary-eyed because i was able to invite her and share to others (specially to my colleagues and superiors in tala) the inspiration she gives when she speaks.. inviting her and listening to her meant igniting the "heart" of a nurse..finding the true meaning of your actions, caring for others, doing good and most importantly, sharing what you have and inspiring others as well.

After the activity, it led me to a deeper realization of infinite possibilities, not just merely risk-taking but consideration of many options.. i am challenged of things that i would not like to regret after 10 or 20 years in my life. Positivism makes way for possibilities..=) You will not get an answer if you will not ask..=)

To Dr. Borromeo, thank you very much is my honor to be one of your student..
i think i would like to add 1 more dream to my list...that is to be like you someday or just to be like a little you would already do..=) =) =)

 -love julea

Saturday, September 7, 2013

a beautiful day..=)


This day, me and my co-reporter Sir Lord Charles Campo reported Acute Glomerulonephritis in our Pathophysiology class at FEU..We had to report first because the first group was not yet ready.

I wrote this entry because of that feeling between happiness and being blessed. 
It adds up to my few realizations this past days and one day, when  i will read this entry again, it would remind me of those delightful experiences along the way..=)

The report went well, thanks to sir charles, he is the one who really made a greater effort on our report, he was able to answer the questions asked by our classmates and mam yang.. even with busy schedules in their hospital, he managed to give a lot of time for our report..
I think we made a great team because we both collaborated and prepared for the task, we enjoyed sharing things specially that he also studied in SLU in Baguio. Who doesn't want to reminisce things that happened in Baguio? haha (college days and nursing duties..)

Today, it made me realize that oftentimes, you have to surround yourself with people smarter than you, for it makes you inspired to do things better. Also, its very nice to feel that God allows you to be surrounded by people who would help and guide you along the way..In whatever place or scenario you maybe, enjoy every part of it, express and do what you are ought to do. We only pass once on a certain instance in our lives, do the thing that matters so you won't regret in the future..

In my readings about "finding yourself" i was moved by this phrase, "You either feel it or you don't; none is better than any other. When you find something that zaps you out of bed in the morning, cling onto it. You'll only bloom from there." 
 When you feel the passion inside you,do the good things that inspire you, as for me, i would like to express how i appreciate good things that happen in my life, all the opportunities that leads to my growth, and the tasks which makes me wanting to learn more..

                                                  report well done..=)

It's been a very good report,thanks again to charles..
not a perfect day but a beautiful one..=)  

Godbless reader!=)


Saturday, August 3, 2013

the Espana River Experience

this day,i experienced one thing i really couldn't imagine i did..haha
and it would not be possible without my super classmate and workmate..

                                           (a picture of Morayta- Espana River as per JABR)

Joseph Alvin B. Repotente aka JABR..hehe =)

it was a super rainy Saturday and we are having our Pathophysiology class at the 7th floor of Nursing bldg. Sir Philip announced that classes were already suspended because of the heavy rains and flooding in the area.. After eating, we decided to go home and go to the lrt station because the vehicles are stucked and not moving in front of Morayta. The story didn't end there,but that's where it started -when we saw the super long lines bound to the ticket windows.. we went down and walk, walk, and walk. My feet was wet and dirty, but, during the first time that i have to put down my feet to the ankle-deep dirty water, i could just see myself how long i stared before getting my feet soaked!

Unluckily, we went back to Morayta and  the scenario about the stuck vehicles just got worse. I really cant imagine until this evening how i surpassed walking Morayta-Espana reaching Welcome Rotonda just to ride a bus..OMG! we did that by walking in the center island of that Avenue..there were waves!!!haha we were soaking wet and the most horrifying part of walking in that elevated center pavement is when we have to come down at the intersections and cross the flooded roadssss carefully not to step on any manholes...  (>_<)

Its hard to study here in Manila if several days you have to conquer such scenarios..even if you have car or the money to spend for your fare, if similar things like that happen, you have to find ways to get home safely and the company of a friend will make it easier?haha
however, its really one of a kind experience..
and the biggest lesson for today:

Money is nothing, a genuine friend is a treasure.;p

Question to myself: if that same scenario will happen (i hope it wont), will i cross the street and walk on the center island again???
Answer: let us see..haha=) TBA- to be announced...

keep safe dear reader!=)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

the Seamen's Experience

the logo of Seamen's Hospital

Kuya Caloy the Admin Aide that so helpful to Tala visitors..

During the first day of Orientation and Lecture at Mario Oca Hall
amosup! amosup! amosup!

these are the words that the participants are yelling during the Basic Life Support with AED conducted by the DJNRMH HEMS team at Seamen's Hospital last April 10-11, 2013.
(oh btw, this is my first entry for this year..haha)

anyway, let me start this blog entry...

i wanted to share this for the reason that ive learned many things during this training being a support staff to the HEMS team of our hospital (again after quite some time).. At first, I was hesitant if the Nursing office would pemit me to go outside for two days because of the things that i was tasked to do.. However i am excited to visit another hospital and experience what they so call--the "seamen's experience''..=D

this blog is about my 2-day experience at Amosup-Seamen's Hospital (amosup- Associated Maritime Officers and Seamen's Union of the Philippines) it is located at Intramuros, Manila.

So what is the Seamen's Experience??=)
 for me it can be enumerated as follows..
1. Champorado- the morning snack that you'll love all over and over and over again.(super favorite ni Sir Albert)
2. the FOOD- ang sarap. period.
3. Accommodating and Kind staff/ participants- jolly and appreciative participants
4. the Quarters- the Female room intended for staff and visitors. I missed my boarding house pero ang tahimik..creepy =/ wala kasi akong kasama that time for like 3 hours..hehe
5. the Freebies- who doesn't want that?=) bag, keychain, mug and bottle opener..

the thing that ive realised during this experience is that sometimes you have to empty your hand so that you can hold/pick new and better things. Also, try to learn and do again the things that you may be doing before.. it helps to see new things because its an avenue to grow.

Lighten up and laugh, appreciate the instance that you are destined to be at some place and doing a task that could give you new learning. We are here for a reason and putting God at the center of whatever you do makes the activity/task successful.=)

I may feel tired at the end of the day but the fulfillment and joy is there. I was embraced by one of the participants and i felt the sincerity of their "thank you".

To HEMS Team- Sir Albert, Sir Jec, Sir Ralph, Sir Eson- for sharing me this great experience, to Mam Cita and Sir Sam for allowing me to go there.. and to Jay sa mga text buti hindi sya nanakot..haha thank you..=) ang saya..=)

back to Tala tom..=) reponders...Amosup! Amosup! Amosup!=)