Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the best of 2010..=)

so these are the things to celebrate this 2010:

january- i had my first whitesand experience at poro LU. that was so memorable.
february- my 20th birthday..finally natuloy yung dream birthday with the biology people haha!
march- graduation
april- gapuz madness
may- review review review
june- final coaching
july- board exams!!!
august- senate ojt, result ng boards!!! yesssss! thanks GOd!!!
september- oathtaking, bls, ldp, reunited hehe! with my long lost friend nikko
october- seminars
november- v.luna exam
december- job..toinks!! hahaha

this year was an extra ordinary year..i feel so blessed and im so happy to have so much from what i asked for. there may be loop holes but often do i wake up agin, so what more can i say???

cheers to 2011!!!! welcome new year!!! Godbless us!!!

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