Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a blog for a friend...=)

my first entry this april...=)

i dedicate this blog to jovi, my classmate, groupmate, kasabay ko umuwi nung college..haha
i was overwhelmed to know that jovi/jevi(haha) reads and can according to her, she can relate to my "insights" sometimes..hehe jevi, i think the reason that you can relate is because we had so much memories together during our college days... but anyway, im happy you can pick up some uplifting thoughts in my blogsite..=)

i was so happy during the past days because i was able to see my college friends and spend dinner with them (julius--ka birthday ko, haha c mj, nakakatuwa ang kwento mo,c bernard--super thank you for the ride) sa uulitin...=)

having good friends around makes life enjoyable...i mean, not to put aside our family, but having companions along the way makes the travel so amazing...

take this advice from me..folks, if you are feeling sad during low moments in your life talk to a friend..i assure you youll feel better..=)

coz there are some things that our parents or siblings wont easily "get" hehe sorry for the term
but our friends, will make us feel "belonged" even your far from or doesnt have time to spend together, keep the connection..i tell you its worth it.


i just enjoy the days without work, haha when i can sleep in a breezy afternoon, enjoy the sound of chirping birds, feel the warmth of the sun... beautiful sunshine...=)

enjoy listening to songs, sing, dance into the tune..for life is easier, if we are just more resilient to its bumps and stops..=)

stop worrying, it doesnt make sense..it will not..ever..=)

lets have a blast! relax this lenten week, pray...stay safe everyone..=)

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