Friday, July 1, 2011

truly july

it seems that time flew so fast...july na!!!
nice to be back sitting and thinking what to write..

=) smiles...haha
its nice to have an inspiration or a friend that at the very moment you thought about him or her the sweet smiles just comes with it..=) =) that even the day is full uncertainties, you have something to smile about.

anyway.. i hope this month will reveal to me the word yes..(please..) for the second time, i hope i made it...

jiggy cruz' blogs were amazing...i love their love story...super like! Misha was his first love and it came to so nice.

im a liltle sad my ideas also flew away haha ang dami ko pa naman gusto isulat sa blog ko..hmm basta masaya ako..=) hahaha

its saturday tomorrow folks enjoy the weekend..slow down a bit, appreciate every second of your life..=) enjoy life..=)

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