Tuesday, May 8, 2012

how a child with microcephaly said his thanks..=)

seems that i was not able to write blog entries for quite some time,..
anyway, today is just an ordinary day, nothing so special and just a quick mindset that i have to lengthen my patience for 2 months is about to set in my mind..

yah, im assigned at the nursing office for two months and its not that easy i could say.. its challenging but im looking to the positive side that i will still learn something out of this experience.
i felt more inspired having the privilege to work with our chief nurse and the supervisors of the hospital however, the task entails a bigger responsibility and proper work attitude.

in my stay for less than two weeks, i wont give up..cheer up!!!=)

i was able to help during the two day operation bingot with mam kat and the experience is awesome. nakakapagod pero fulfilling.. a patient with microcephaly who cant speak normally was able to say thank you to all of us after his operation. superb experience., english ng kinalabit??haha then he did "thumbs up" and noded his head. and i know it was a thank you..=)

pagod pero may dahilan, i remember what sir sam said masarap magpahinga ng may dahilan, at pag napagod ka, pahinga lang ang katapat nyan..=) inspiring really..

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