Friday, March 14, 2014

silver linings

Some define silver linings as seeing the beautiful and good things despite of not so good events in our every day lives..

Let go and let God..
Sometimes He breaks our heart, and makes us cry so that tears can wash our eyes to see things better. Sometimes you have to fall so you'll know who will pick you up.
Sometimes we feel sad, so that we will learn to treasure happy times.
We feel broken so we could find things that will complete us.
Sometimes we have to empty our hands so that we can hold and receive better things.
Sometimes the best thing we could do for the one we love is to just exist and be there when they need us.
Sometimes we have to be quiet so that we could hear what is truly meant.
Sometimes we do not get what we want, because there is something better for us that we might need...
Sometimes you have to stand up and believe that at some point, fate has to accept its defeat..

lesson: at the end of the day, we have to move on..the best things are yet to come..

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