Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 overture =)

=something that is offered or suggested with the hope that it will start a relationship, or lead to an agreement, the beginning of something =) aha!=) =)

as i finish reading related literature for my thesis, i cant help but to make my first blog entry this 2015, before the 5-day post holiday ends because of #papalvisit =), i am writing my blog entry tonight..

#more love #more travel this 2015!=)
this year, i will finish my thesis and wait for my MAN graduation next year!! (that's the spirit!!)haha

i still believe that setting your goals is a way to prepare and plan for the things that you would like to accomplish this year, =)
2014 was a year full of blessings, i never imagined that i was able to be a choir member and do the first processional last year, which really is beyond words to explain..=)  UST voucher, Clinical Residency duties and INC centennial were the highlights of 2014..

moving on from that throwback, i started my 2015 with my family, relatives and friends...the priceless moments with them and the good moments we shared is incomparable.. ^^,

my bucket list this 2015:
1. Vietnam trip
2. My 25th birthday haha =)
3. Vigan trip

surprises to come nalang ang iba =)

sometimes, we must not limit ourselves with the things that we know, for what we think, we can achieve..let God surprise you..=)

Blessed 2015 ahead..=)

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