Sunday, April 12, 2015

that March-April affair haha ;)

oh blogsite..forgive me for late entries..hahaha
Anyway, i missed one entry last month but i tell you, it was a super happy #morning month =)

So where did my stories or adventures ended??

#Vietnam experience

Team frozen! This was my first international travel and i was really excited to ride an airplane and go outside the country. The most memorable thing that happened during the trip was the boat ride at TamCoc. It was when i realized how hard it is to earn money, and appreciate the serene beauty of nature and the silence that we need to appreciate the sound of life that we have..

In Vietnam, i was a bit half-hearted because at that time we were doing some things in the hospital and i was thinking about my defense.. Vacation time can be enjoyed better if you give yourself quality time to relax and slow down a bit..

Vietnamese food was good..specially the rice! =) It also tastes like Filipino food but their condiments make the difference.

#Defense Day

Thanks God.. He listens to my prayer, it may not be the way i wanted it to be, but it was better =)
The panel was so mabait, they gave me a second chance.. This was really a great lesson that i want to share..

Pray hard, Do good, Hope for the best.. and when life gives you a second chance, dont ruin it. Instead, prove that you a worth giving that second time around..

Last sem to go!! =)

#Last Supper 2015
"I can afford to lose all i have, but not your unfailing love.."
Truly, in all moments, God's concern and love to His children is unfailing and immeasurable.
I was so tired from the charity work at Pangasinan and it was really a matter of extending help to lesser fortunate but at the same time, putting my life on the line..for the big event that will happen the coming day--Sta Cena 2015..

My prayer that moment is for the church brethen to feel what i was feeling during the processional walk..that they may hear my voice and feel that energy they are longing for..another prayer is that i may successfully reach my place while singing the song..He again listened to my prayer and guided me all the way..
To wrap all things that happened last March, a frappe! haha #freecoupons #BeatTheHeat

#Santorini Experience #BreakAway #SummerLove2015

This April it started with late moments with good friends haha..pagbigyan na ako =)
but..The trip at Batangas-Tagaytay with the #boss Mark Barican was an ultimate get away!!!!

ONE OF THE BEST WEEKENDS EVER! =) Let the pictures tell their stories haha. Nag enjoy ako sobra..=) because im with the group of people whom i want to spend my happiest moments with =)

From the cool wind at Tagaytay, walang-tulugan kwentuhan, panalo!=)

I fell inlove with the beach scenery at Batangas..It was a quiet place with peaceful surroundings..Not so strong winds, birds chirping, sound of waves and happy bonding with friends, beautiful shoreline and near-white sand coastline..oh i forgot to mention food by Ate Fle =) buti sumama si Dave ^_^

Let yourself be surprised =) drop the expectations and #trustGod =) He has better plans =)

until the next travel/adventure/moment..haha
#moretravel #morelove #morehappiness this 2015!=)

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