Sunday, August 30, 2015

#BaricanKindness =)

and because its a long weekend and im here doing OPD report.. i felt the need to update my blog site..haha i dedicate this blog entry to sir mark barican for his #BaricanKindness
read on so you'll know ;p

From the Baler Surfing adventure, many adventures happened. I grabbed my phone and looked back from the photos and all i can say is... let's get it on..=)

Imagine from the 75th anniversary closing ceremonies which gave me busy days checking on the souvenir program and that snap-of-a finger 5 year development plan task given by our Assistant Chief Nurse.. what a whirlwind of tasks to do.. I felt privileged to be part of the 75th year support staff..where will i be during the 100th anniversary of DJNRMH? =)

with Doc Jav =)
this time during the N1 examination and deliberation, i felt human. it broke my heart. i felt a little less my worth because of things i have to do, things out of my values. period. =( i love my friends. it breaks my heart to see them sad.

101 INC Anniversary..=)
"in times of tests however grave, we wont be moved, our hope will prove"..1 year na akong mang aawit =)

Definitely, this rare chance of being at the Philippine Arena for the 101st anniversary is truly a blessing from God. I was with my cousins and tita Lhot, even though we were just outside the stadium, the feeling was priceless.. a sad notice happened when my cousin experienced vehicular accident while the event at Arena was on going..

It gave me the perspective that family will always be family. Prayers are powerful at this very moment because when i saw my cousin that time, i felt frightened. It felt sad to see him weak with all the contraptions he had. But God is really a loving God. right now, my cousin takes his recovery at my Lola's house in Cabanatuan. =)

Hospital Week 2015! =) -feeling happier at Marikina Sports Complex =) =)
Hi Five activities and DOH Programs and Kiosk..haha

#its Official..N2 na ako..=) ive always said that this instance of my life is from the kindness of God and its truly #biyayaNgTungkulin =) more blessings to share =)

and syempre hindi pwedeng mawala...#longweekend travel..!!haha
oh August..thanks for your long weekend, we went Wakeboarding while raining! cool! =)
thanks to sir Mark Barican..haha for your #BaricanKindness haha i thank u sir mark...hehe
rest mode on while it was raining so hard..we were laughing out loud and it was just so happy to rest and spend the gloomy days with your friends with good food and great company..hahaha!!

That is what you mean when you mean staycation at Tagaytay...Starbucks sa Tagaytay next ha =) yey!=)

Better things and more blessing are yet to come for sir mark JO JO JO yeah! and for all of us for God's perfect timing is perfect. =)

Familia Miramonte haha at Tagaytay =) =)

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