Sunday, March 20, 2016

an encounter with an 86-yr old woman who is stronger than me :)

my first entry for 2016! :)

a bit  sad that  i had no entry  for  the first two months, that includes February?!
oh well 2016 was a bit of a working year but oh yeah its just the first quarter and i think im on the right track although there were many struggles i hope i can make it through a #NoPressure2016 haha!

January! #itsOfficial for ate fle greben and Dave :) alright!! haha
February-  to infinity pool and beyond.. Laiya experience  with team sulit and opd friends :)
my instagram post explained everything during my birthday.. i am expecting of some good things to happen when actually God wants me to give my trust to him as He is trusting me on smaller things :)
This month, i just saw someone so happy  while  buying his musical instrument, it was  so priceless, seeing him so happy during that moment was beyond words to explain :)

I am writing this entry to share my experience this morning while i was a little bit in a hurry for my church duty, i had to walk 50 meters to the village gate to ride a tricycle on my way to Kapilya when an 86-year old woman asked me, sasamba ka po? i uttered "ai opo kayo din po?, sabay na po tayo" she walked slow and at the back of my mind, "baka malate ako" oh no, she talked to me like my grandmother, like any lola would talk to her grandchildren na paulit ulit ang kwento.. she carried a flashlight and told me "sabi ng anak ko, hindi daw ba ako natatakot mag isa? baka daw matumba ako sa daan, (the old woman saying to his 63 yr old son who suffered stroke whom she is taking care in their house) sabi ko sa anak ko, "hindi ako nag iisa, kasama ko ang Diyos". that words strucked me.

as we get near the tricycle station, i remembered the link i posted "being happy alone", a good read but i was looking for something in that article, at some point it did not captured or answered my inner thought about being alone and being happy. because i think being alone is a bit sad..

Anyway, that encounter with that old woman gave me a quick reminder that God is just quiet during a test, He is always there for us. And we should always trust Him. easier said than done but that's how life goes, He knows the plans He have for us..

And another great line in the article i read today at Phil Star that says - God, cant you just hurry it up?  -In a sense you are a project under construction, you are his handwork, a person becoming what He wants. Please be patient: you are a work in progress :)
now i got my answer. :)

a reminder to my friends at my age:
Sometimes we hurry too much growing up that we forget that our parents are also growing old.
appreciate our family and our parents, they are a blessing from God that we must always treasure :)

to the woman i encountered this morning, thank you for inspiring me with your firm faith :)

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