Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Mentor Mam Malou: her last lesson to me

Until the very last time, she still taught me a lesson.

A jolly woman in her office, someone who untiringly checked my works, someone who loves to give food she cooked, someone who always makes time for everyone needing her time..

I would remember her as someone who would call me reminding me to submit the documents she still needs to review, someone who imparted her knowledge about doing work and financial plans, someone who would lend an ear even to the simplest story i will tell her.

Until the last time she still taught me a lesson- that i should do things now that i still have time, that relationships are what matters most in this world, and always aim for the better.

I thank her for all the time she spent teaching me about documents in the hospital, making me realize i should not settle for mediocre works and to be always careful about my actions.

I felt really sad i was not able to visit her during her hospital stay, but i guess she just wanted me to remember her as well and a happy Mam Malou. Someone i used to consult even after office hours about anything and everything under DJNRMH.

I am grateful for the time she spent checking on my works and above all for the trust she gave me. Her recognition about my accomplishments is something really memorable to me.
She is someone who will always inspire me to do better, a loving mom to Matthew (how i call enzo), a dedicated government employee, someone who does not settle for anything less but to strive harder, share my learnings to others and do more.

I thank her for  all the planners she gave :)

One memorable conversation we had:

Me: "Mam, excited ka ba ikakasal na yung anak mong isa (reffering to sir joseph repotente)"
M.malou: "oo naman excited na ako" e yung isang anak ko kaya kelan may ipapakilala sa akin? (Smiling while staring at me)
Me: (surprised ako pala yun at sumagot naman ako) " Relax ka lang mam, nagmamadali ka mam?, bawal ma stress mam, remember.." then we just laughed at each other about our conversation...:)

Until then mam malou. Thank you (",)


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  2. Condolence to the bereaved family of Mam Malou, and prayers for the eternal repose of her soul. God bless.