Friday, November 13, 2009

"there is always a light after the tunnel"..=)

i just arrived from our duty at San fernando La union, well, im happy to back here in baguio and to see my mom. She cleaned our boarding house and washed the clothes. thanks ma!=) =)

i see a busy week ahead of me because it will be the start of our lecture. We dont know who will be our lecturers for this sem but i hope, they will be kind and considerate. =)

sana hindi na mapalitan yung groupings!!!!!

FLIGHT OF IDEAS yata itong blog ko..=)

anyway, its good we had cases during our Operating Room duty at Bethany Hospital. the hospital is so ideal. i learned a lot from that rotation.

life is all about learning. Learning that anything can happen and things can change, aall the things aruond us may swirl the wrong way, but remember that "there is always a light after the tunnel"..=)

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