Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wheel of life

i feel different today. i feel sad. im so tired from our duty because i was assigned to the ward today. Although the 3rd years did most of the job, im happy to help because we are ahead of them and we know the techniques of taking the vital signs of patients.
we've been to bgh ER and saw the "real" action of catering to almost 40 patients in just 5 hours.We know the basics and learned the facts...

i don't know, from our recent rotations...i felt the trust of my instructors to my works...
however, today, i really can't understand why '"the efforts" was not recognized.. i mean i was hurt when our instructor said that for the past three days, this was the only time she heard good performance from the students in different areas where we were assigned...and i dont belong to those good performers.

maybe, she wasnt able to see my efforts because she concentrates on the OR everyday..i just felt sad because i felt that i exerted effort that was not recognized..
or maybe... i just get used to be "recognized" by my past clinical instructors in my past hospital duties..or maybe i just gave emphasis on the recognition that was given. maybe i just forgot that everybody is equal.

maybe that is the lesson that i should learn, "life is like a wheel..sometimes youre on top, sometimes you have to learn the art of adjusting with the burdens while you are on the bottom"

i felt relieved after making this blog..tnx to my blogsite..=)
its a way to express emotions..that i dont wish to talk with anybody.
in this way,i can write the things that worry me.

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