Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"laughter is a great mental tonic.."

its good some people can make us laugh, even with the little gesture or just a lil dance or song.
or saying a joke..they can make our silent moments into giggling ones.

after a busy day, its good to treat yourself with a good laugh..a smile, a tap on back...
you had a long busy deserve a reward.=)

treat yourself with a funny movie, watch it with friends so the giggling will be more enjoying!=)

on the other side.....

"sleeping is a relief, coz who would want a day awake when reality is far what the heart longs to see.."

listening to slow music, looking over the window staring at the stars that shine in the moonless night..emo???!!!! we sometimes have to admit that we are emotional over things that make us feel appreciated,loved and recognized...
i thought about this idea a while ago, why would you stop a person from being dependent to someone if that is the only reason while he holds on...better find someone so happy in the company of others than not finding that someone in the first place...

just like a line in the story book of pocahontas i have read..
"id rather die tomorrow knowing you than to live a hundred years without knowing you.."

-the feelings of happiness and sadness that make our life more exciting..=)

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