Monday, May 3, 2010

"lead me Lord"

just want to share some happenings in the past days...=)

we were able to apply in the prc filing for the July board exam!=) what a relief...
i can now focus on my review and make my scores better..=)
the long line during the application in our school really pushed me to my limit..i wont talk while waiting for my turn kasi talagang pagod na ako..haha if i would chat pa wid my friends ay naku malolobat talaga ako...hehe i was (and ate amy, ate mitch) was teary eyed when we finally finished the filing process..

we are tackling Med-Surg in our review...i can say that its the bulk of the exam, it comprise the part 3 and 4...eto kinakaya pa naman..=) hihi

i had many reflections during the passed days..
in our review we start the day with a prayer..its always nice that its like that..=)
yesterday, we sang Lead me Lord by gary v. .. the song was so touching... its really a prayer.
just a while ago, we sang 'take me out of the dark" yata yung title.. my favorite part was:

"teach me trust in you to lean not on my own understanding cause i just forget you wont give me what i cant bear..."

this is so true God wont give us things beyond our capabilities..He is our Engineer, He knows the exact things that we can and what we cant do...He will not give us problems that we cant solve..He trust us at the things that He gives us, He just want us to learn something..he wants us to be stronger..=)

our lecturer shared what happened to her husband, he had infection in CNS they spent almost 2 hundred thousand in the prestigious hospital locate in Global City,Manila.

what i thought was..hindi ibibigay ang problema na yan sayo kung hindi mo kayang solusyunan..just what the songs above want to tell...=)

my reader...a minute of prayer will make God smile, it means we remember Him, even at the end of the day say a lil prayer, just like how happy if someone would ask, how was your day?
we can also ask...thank you God for a nice day..=)

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