Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcome 2011!=)

wow what a good head start! just like jiggy cruz, i will do my best to update my blogsite..haha i hope i can share more stories this year may it be sad or happy thoughts, or happenings during the everyday routine, things i observe everyday, music that keeps me going, and hopefully, accomplishments to be thankful for...=)

i enjoyed celebrating the holidays with my family..! happiness is really a choice, not an option. although some things made me sad, i kept on refocusing my view so that i can enjoy the holidays!

i was a different feeling as i receive my first salary..haha ang hirap pala kumita ng pera.. we should always spend our money wisely!=)

2010 was a year full of blessings, goal met! RN by 2010! yahooo!!=)
this year, i see myself taking bigger responsibilities, aiming higher, praying harder, appreciating little things around me better,. My family has always been my inspiration, i dedicate all the things that i do for them..

i am still fighting the idea that i feel like ive grown tired of waiting, just because i dont see things going the way i want it to be..often times, i focus on earthly things and at the end of the day, i see myself in the middle of confusion what to prioritize.. ;p

however!!!still...cheers to 2011!! let us stay strong, guided by our Creator, loved by our family and friends..another year to work on! thank you God for giving us many blessings and the chance to do better each day!

2011...let's get it on!!!yeah!!=)

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