Sunday, March 20, 2011

usual Sunday...=)

the usual Sunday...

manila bulletin on hand, watching a movie with my siblings, relaxing and taking things in a bit slow-mode..that is my usual Sunday..

i was reading my past blogs and i cant help but to say to myself, am i so optimistic just like what im writing in my entries??ang optimistic ko pala..

i think i am saying these words, or im questioning myself right now, for the reason that.. this is reality...that i have to make decisions on my own, do what should be done and realize that the past had its time, and the things that will do today makes an effect on what's going to happen tomorrow.

i feel that things are going faster, that nothing is permanent and all we just have to enjoy and cherish every moment where we are right now.
the movie "tangled" was so great! i watched it with my tita and cousin..thanks for the libre!=)

in the office, i am still learning a lot of things.. specially dealing with individuals with different attributes. i feel troubled with the question, will i continue working, or continue with the actions in having a hospital experience.. i still like to continue nursing..i love to.. but the "palakasan" system in hospitals for the volunteer experience is heating my nerves..haha

unang tanong palang sa akin, sino ang nag refer sayo dito? sinong kakilala mo?
hahhhhhhhh?? may ganun??... maybe that is another thing out of my comfort zone. sorry.
my dad is right..iwasan gumamit ng recommendation whatever... life is unfair huh?
tsk tsk.. sana wag naman.. maybe life is tricky sometimes..

i look forward to the day i can see another white sand and chase the waves, feel the warm air and spend time with my family and friends...=)

let us not ruin summer... i realize at this moment how optimistic i am during the past months or years and i shouldnt let that attitude fade... oh last, the testimonial dinner was amazing..=)

cheers to grads this year..
i hope to write and read another john grisham novel..

now i will say:
to myself and my reader, keep the optimism nice, stay cheerful, stay low, pray and enjoy!
-julz =)

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