Saturday, February 12, 2011

sad irony..

how do you understand the word no?
just when i am ready to hear the word yes, i was slapped with a no.
give me the chance to say what i really feel right now. just when i thought the thing i really wanted where i poured my full effort into would be given to me, it was revealed to me the other way around.

the v.luna training will not materialize at this moment.
it was my fault. circumstances would not permit it. i am 5 days late from the didactics.
what makes it hard for me, is that i have already set my mind that i will be there for 7 months, the family is just so happy about it, i already had the permission from work.

and now, unexpectedly, i saw myself standing in front of the coffin of angie reyes..praying that he rests in peace, i thanked him for what he did for our country. i want to be as successful as he was. as strong, as intelligent, a man with integrity, with a real heart for his family.

i need some time to fully accept what happened.. one thing for thing i tell you, a lesson is learned, that is i think the most important.

i want to change my profile pic to a sad photo but i cant find any, maybe that is again telling me not to be sad. but to listen to what the chief nurse of VLGH said, that there is a reason why i was not able to join the batch 6, and there is a better plan for me..

i saw a note, i wrote last goes "my faith is larger that life's uncertainties.." i hope i can live with that.

til next do you get over a bad day?pray.

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