Tuesday, November 1, 2011

behind the mask

and this is it!
my blog for the past month where i was assigned at the Vital signs station at the OPD of DRJNRMH.

behind the mask is heart that cares,
behind the mask is a hand that helps,
behind the mask is a SMILE.

true enough that nurses and other medical personnel often use mask to protect them and to keep them away from infection. However, behind those blue or green piece of cloth lies an angel on training--nurses..naks haha

i enjoyed my stay at the VS station, we are the ones, "privileged" to refer patients to ER. i enjoyed that! pushing patients on wheelchair on i think 25 meter rough way, may it be a pregnant mother who is experiencing pre-eclampsia, a man who feels dizzy and nauseated, a pediatric patient who has a fever above 39 degrees, or specially, someone who has difficulty breathing. can you picture out what we do everyday? haha thanks to my co- volunteers mai, paulo, amphie.(ate amphie hehe) we worked as a team, and did a great a job, lessened the errors of the previous batch and making change to be passed to the next ones.

this is it, the hospital setting i have been waiting and wanting for, for months. i promise myself to make the most out of it,do the things that has to be done, greet everybody and most of all learn and apply the theories and lectures! syempre, enjoy the duties! woohoo..=)

thanks to sir edwin, sir val, mam candy and to my batchmates at OPD this October..see you around guys!!

i was rotated at Infectious and Isolation Ward this November, next blog coming in...=) keep safe reader!

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